Monday, March 21, 2005

I Need Spring!

I cannot wait for spring! I am anxious to be outside and working on the yard and watching the kids ride bikes and playing ball. I love winter but i'm all wintered out. Frank pulled out his boat today to make room for the electricians to work in there. But alas the poor electrician broke a tooth and he won't make it here till Thursday now. We are so ready for Easter, i went and bought the kids 3 new summer outfits and one bathing suit along with a little candy. They don't really need alot of candy, clothes are more important and i thought instead of toys i would get them a paint by number set or something they have to make. It's getting harder and harder to buy for these kids. Although they can rack up a list if they had to i'm sure.
I think i am going to follow what my mother did a long time ago and send them on a scavenger hunt for their things. I thought that was the funnest thing when she had us do it.
Does anyone have any memorable Easters they would like to share?


Bowling was better this Sunday then in the past and all because we brought a deck of cards. For each spare or strike they got they were able to take a card. The one with the best hand won. They really did not win anything but it made it fun for the kids. All the kids did try their hardest. (mine and the neighbors kids)
Frank bowled a 134, 134, and a 128...that's going to bring his average up.
Darin bowled a 92, 63, 90 ...This is really good!
Amber bowled 73, 58, 72....wooohoooo she really tried hard!
They are so getting into this now. They asked if we were going to continue this...i told them if you really want to and show me that you really want to..sure.

Movies that come out this week were pretty good i really have to recommend "Finding Neverland" this movie is supposed to be about the man that wrote the story Peter Pan. What his inspiration was in writing it. I warn you that it does get a bit sad but well worth a hour and a half of your time. The movie "Bridgett Jones Diary 2" is o.k. something to watch if your bored. I was not too keen on the first Bridgett Jones but i guess alot of people did like it.
And the last movie that i got to watch was the movie "Fat Albert". This movie is great for kids! But that's all i can say about it. My kids watched it a minimal of 8 times but I did not care for this movie. It had some really good parts to it but just did not really peak my interest.


I'm really getting excited about my vacation in April. No i am not going anywhere, just a break from work is all i need. I feel myself getting too crabby at my job so a break is definately in order.

Well if i don't get on here and blog again i hope that ALL of ya have a great Easter!!!! and THINK SPRING :)

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