Monday, March 14, 2005

Just a Monday :)

This weekend was pretty busy for us. Saturday my neighbor asked if we would like to go to the home and garden show at the Pontiac Silverdome. We said sure, we are always looking for ideas for our house and besides we are looking for electricians to work on some electrical around the house. We walked around and i got all sorts of ideas for my house but sure wish i had the $$$ to back up my plans.

Speaking of electrical i have had 2 quotes so far and the first was outrageous! One wanted $2600 for the work i wanted done. Today i had another and i get a little more out of the deal and they are $1,000 dollars cheaper! Can you believe that? I have one more quote coming and unless they beat the $1,600 dollar one. Guess who is getting the job! I will be excited to get this work around the house done because the electical has been a little frightening! Having a switchbox instead of fuses will be the best ever!!!!


Sunday was bowling day. Everyone tried really hard.
Darin managed a 62, 69, and an 85
Amber had a 56, 52, and an 68
Frank was all over the place with his bowling a 95, 143, 111
I bowled with one of our neighbors and i pulled off a 112, 110 and 84


Well to be honest i have not watched to much. "The Final Cut" was alright...i really liked the idea that they went with, but the ending screwed up the whole movie...i give it a 5 in entertainment value. Robin Williams did an excellent job of acting in it. Just the ending really was messed up.



Mom found some time this weekend to do something special for my sister and I. She had drawn all 4 grandchildren and then colored them in colored pencils and framed them to give to us. They turned out great and got a special spot in my bedroom so that i can look at them everytime i walk into the room. Now you can see why i LOVE MY MOM so much! Big kisses to her!

Well i am getting tired.. Take care all


gammamoma said...

Im glad you liked the pictures, I didnt do all the drawing, my picture processer did a coloring book sketch to get their outline, and then I did the highlighting and shading, but I think they turned out great too. Did the kids like them as well?

Mallard said...

Glad to see you spend your quality family time, creating memories with your children.

I: 'Could be worse...'
F: 'How...?'
I: 'It could be raining...'

A: 'I met a man with a wooden leg named Smith.'
B: 'What was the name of his other leg?'