Monday, March 07, 2005

Can someone find me my bed?

I'm so exhausted that i cannot sleep, so i guess i will sit up and chat a bit on here. Today my husband and kids went bowling like every Sunday morning, and i came to watch. My neighbor across the street asked if i would like to bowl with him. Even tho i am afraid that i am going to reinjure my arm, i did bowl a few and had fun doing it. Amazingly i have not bowled in about 2 years and pulled off some pretty good scores! My first game was not the greatest only a 79 but i was just getting warmed up. Second game I was hitting it pretty good, managed a 112 this is not bad for someone that has not bowled in a long time. But my third game was the charm a 119! Just think what i could probably do if i was bowling more. I think i will join the next family bowling league. Won't Frank be mad if i started bowling better than him! lol.

The kids tried really hard this week because i told that if they showed me that they were trying really hard to knock some pins down i would give them a $5.00. Since money worked so awesomely the last time. Amber bowled: 47, 46, and a 51. Darin bowled: 66, 92, 69.
At least they are having fun! Darin asked if we could start bowling 2 day a week. I wouldn't mind but its a little expensive so it will just have to be the 1 day a week.



I checked out a few movies and i am really impressed with them.

I definitely must see is "The Notebook"! The greatest love story there is out there! It's about a boy that sees this girl and really wants her to go out with him. Well eventually they fall in love and of course they are from different backgrounds and the parents don't agree. Well I better stop there or i will ruin it for everyone. Make sure you have some tissue close by. This movie is available now in your video stores.

Now a couple of movies that are not on the shelves yet but will be.
Coming out 3-8-05 is "Ladder 49" is a great movie about firefighting. Basically follows one man's career in firefighting. John Travolta plays the captain and was really excellent in it. I do warn you to keep a box of kleenex nearby, my mother let the water works out on this movie.
Coming out 3-15-05 is "The Incredibles" and i have to hand it to my friend "Mal" it was everything that he said it was INCREDIBLE! Anyone with kids must see this with them.

Well those are the movies that i was able to get to this week. I hope that we get some really good movies on Tuesday, but it has been a slow month for movies.

Now hear this "MOM HAS LEFT THE BUILDING" LOL. While driving home from bowling we saw my fathers truck at a gas station and guess who was in the truck! Yep my mother!!!!
I am shocked! Excited! Words cannot express how i feel about that! I'm sure it was really hard for my father to get her in the truck but i am just so glad that she finally got out of the house. Monday is her first doctor visit since she was released...I am hoping that everything is going well, I am sure there will be lots of blood work done. Lets all cross our fingers!

Ok I'm getting tired now...Goodnight everyone.

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Mallard said...

Yeah, boweling's great family fun, but it gets pretty expensive too often for us... it costs me about $40-$50 to take my three boys bowling, and I donlt always have that kinda $$$ to just play with, dammit!

The Incredibles IS a great film - I TOLD you so! (Bragging rights! pmsl!)

Now, if your mum had been DRIVING the truck, then... hahahaa!

Mal :)