Monday, February 28, 2005


The kids bowled this Sunday and they did not do as good as a did the past Sunday. Darin was a bit under the weather with a bad cough. But Amber was just plain not trying to hard unless money was Her daddy told her if she got a strike he would give her a dollar, well she said "give me 2 dollars!" Frank not thinking that she would do it said "ok." Well guess what folks! Amber after not getting any strikes in all the games pulls a strike and we ended up coughing up some money for that You should have seen our faces! We looked at each other and started laughing!

Darin's scores for this Sunday was a 99, 73, 103
Amber's scores for this Sunday was a 45,45,50

pretty low compared to what they had done...Maybe it was just something in the air because Frank was having an off Bowling day also. He scored 103,120,125 . It's been better for him.


The movie that i finally got to check out today was a movie called "Little Black Book". This movie was pretty good, but not one of my favorites. On a rating scale of 1-10 i will give it a entertainment score of about 7.

Something totally funny happened Saturday at work, this totally falls into kids say the darndest things. A family came in and they looked around a bit and when they checked out they had picked out a game that they wanted to purchase. I noticed the little girl crying not hysterically but enough for me to say "hi" and "whats wrong". She said "they won't get me a movie" I looked at the parents they said "we told you that we are going to Family video later"( ugggggg the f word!) is what i was So after that i said "but they got you a game" she says "what kind of game" I say " Finding Nemo" ....She then got excited! She says " I thought you were getting a basketball game" so i say " I think they were teasing you" She says with hands on hips and with an attitude "UH! They are driving me crazy!" I laughed so hard that i almost fell to the floor !!!!!!!!!! Guess you would have had to be there to get the full effect.

Mom is doing pretty good. She is even trying to get around without the walker, this makes me nervous of her falling. She is still weak, not able to stand for long periods of time. But i think she is trying to push herself so that she can get things back to normal. I have to say that she is really trying. She's holding down food a bit better and she is able to do most of her excercises. Next step is to get her to visit the doctors.

Well, I gotta go to bed. take care all

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Mallard said...

Glad to see you're still out and about and doin' OK. Kids say the damnest things, hey?! They keep you on your toes, that's for sure. And glad to hear your mum is keeping on the improve. Cyalayta, Mal :o)