Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just a little something

Sorry about the posts lately, hopefully there will be no need for anything like that again. Just a sibling arguement, not that's anything out of the ordinary.

My neighbors were good enough to give my kids their old bowling balls. Their kids got too big and had to get new bowling balls. Darin used his new ball on Sunday and one of his games he scored a 124! I'm impressed! Amber started to actually use the finger holes in her ball and really did excellent, her high score was 78 which i think is great for using her finger holes for the first time. Now its going to be all about practice. They really seem to be enjoying bowling on Sunday's . Plus when you factor in the family quality time together its really worth it.

I can't bowl because of my severe tennis elbow, it finally feels in better shape than it has and i don't want to reinjure myself. But i watch and i cheer! High fives! Give advice. Ya know?
I've been told they do this every year and i am seriously thinking that we may do this again.
Everyone we have bowled against or met or talk to are really sweet!

Friday i had to chaperone for my son's school field trip to the Detriot science center. I recommend this place for everyone. We really had fun with all the hands on things that they had. The 2 girls that i had really loved the glass elevator, so we went on that about a billion times. The boys that i had really loved the music room where they had a couple of electric guitars and a drum set to play on.

The kids are out of school this week for winter break. They may go to my friends up north but that is not cut in stone yet.
Hope all is well...i'm really tired now i think i will hit the hay..

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Mallard said...

Hiya - good to see you attempting to live life normally - whatever 'narmal' may be in reality! lol. Your kids bowl a whole heap better than I do - that's for sure. Glad to hear you all getting out and spending some memorable family time together. I'm tired right now too, so i might make this my last blog surf for now, and say good evening as well. Hope you had a good sleepie.
Mal :o)