Sunday, February 06, 2005

I don't know what to title this..

Yes it's about 2 in the morning and i feel like posting even tho i know i have to get up at 7:30 to take my kids and hubby to their bowling league. Genually i don't really have to go but Frank has a hard time with the kids and if i get up and help it usually goes a bit smoother.

Last Sunday my kids had a blast bowling, Darin bowled a 67 by a 86 then finally he bowled a 111...we were proud of him. He at one point bowled 2 strikes and was going for his 3rd when only 9 pins fell and the last one just teased him by wiggling. The dissappointment in his face was the worst thing, he really wanted the turkey to flash on the screen. I even went so far as to jump on the lane only to be unsuccessful but i had to try.

Amber bowled pretty good for not using a bowl with holes and rolling it. She bowled a 47 a 52 and a 60. She bowled one strike in all 3 games. I thought it was pretty good anyways!

While we were bowling a family came in with their daughter...all i can say is OH MY GOD! She had shaved the sides of her hair and and what hair she did have left was pink and blonde! and all sorts of pony tails in it. She was wearing baggy, black jeans with the huge legs and all kinds of chains dangling off of them. Topped off with a belly shirt with a skull in the center.

I looked at Amber and i told her "You see her?" she of course said "yeh" I said " I don't ever want you to look like that!" Of course i got "ahhhh mom she looks cool!" WHAT!!!! I said if you want to do that you will do that when you are 18 and your no longer my responsibility!

That's my dispute to some parents! They complain on tv about their kids dressing like this or that. Think about it, if your buying their clothes how can you complain. I can tell you right now that's not going to happen!

I really don't see alot of trouble out of my boy, but my girl is a handful and i hope that i am ready for the teenage days. I may be searching for some help right around that time by someone that's been there and done that. I have been watching my neighbor with her kids and how she handles the teenage situations.

Kids these days don't seem like they care if they have a education or not. I remember when i was a kid I would not dare to bring bad grades as long as i could help it! As long as i put forth the effort things were good.

Well...I'm tired and like i said i have to get up in a few...Plus i am just rambling.
See ya


Monica said...

I don't want to even think about my kids being teenagers. I know that is one of the downfalls of us waiting until our early 30's to have kids.... We will be in our mid to late 40's while they are teenagers!

I know where your coming from with the weird clothes and funky hair. All I've got to say is I will never buy Skyler clothes like that. If she wants to buy them herself she will have to get a job and buy them on her own! Yikes!

I to worry about my daughter. Like your daughter, she is a handful!

Mallard said...

When I see how parents try to deal with pre-teen daughters, I'm thankful I've got sons! (Kidding!) But seriously, my 2nd child has all the emotions of the three put-together, so he might be a new challenge in the teenage years - but, who knows?! Every child and every parent is different, and reacts and copes with their situation differently. That's a tough call too - dammit! hahahaa.
Mal :o)