Monday, January 31, 2005

I Love Games!!!!

I've talked about my neighbors before I'm sure. My across the street neighbor are great friends with us. We give advice about our kids, borrow things to one another and even have spent some time camping with one another. Well lately we have been building up our games pile we have been purchasing dvd games, like Scene It or Shout It! I recommend both games for everyone! They really test your knowledge on movies. Believe me when i say that even with me working for Blockbusters does not give me any advantage at all!!! We have been playing in teams and it really makes the night fun. Lord knows that i can use some of that from time to time.

I really like games that tests your mind or makes your mind work like trivial pursuit. I may not know the answers to everything, but you learn as you go.

Does anyone have a favorite game that they like to play?


Mallard said...

Hiya Caroline! Thanx for ur email... I checked out and dropped a line to - so thank you! Hmmm... lots of people seemed to be interested in a teddy bear wearing a straight-jacket... hmmm... what does that say...? hahahaa.
Beautiful rain pouring here now - it's been bucketing down for hours this evening... we really need it.
Games are fun. I used to love playing 'Pictionary', where you have to guess what your partnet is drawing... that was always good for a laugh. Trivial Pursuit is always a goodie for me as well... I'm one of those whackos who enjoy bits and pieces of trivia, and usually get the really strange, obtuse or obscure ones playing that! Silly me. My mum's been watching movies since the 1940's, so she knows HEAPS of old films... we usually sit and talk for hours about old films. I don't know so many of the newer ones - the really good ones, naturally - but mum keeps me upto speed with the old classics. Yeah.

Have an amazing week. Enjoy your family.
Mal :o)

Monica said...

Caroline: Thanks for posting to my comments and thanks for sending Mallard. He is a really interesting guy to read. I can't believe that you are on the computer at 1:30 a.m.! Girl, when do you sleep? I need my beauty rest for sure. My hubby can't function without at least 9 hours of sleep. I can go on 6. How do you get so much done with so little rest?

Well take care and keep up the blog. Hope your mom is still doing well. I've bookmarked her site, but I haven't had a chance to get around to reading it. I do all I can do to post to my own blog.