Saturday, January 29, 2005


Mom has been home for a week now and I have to say that I am glad to finally have her home. She has been doing much better at home! She is starting to hold down her food and walking a bit more for me at home. I wish she would do a bit more tho. But i will give a little while to recooperate. I have been working at her house and helping with a few things. My sister came over today and really cleaned my mom's kitchen for her. I have to admit she did an excellent job. She also do a few other things around my mothers house. That was really nice on my sisters part. I don't often get to say something nice about my sister but I will now. Never let it be said that i never had one nice thing to say about her!!!!!

Things have just been way to hectic for me. Worries of money always cascade thru my mind! Work has me worried with all the thiefs that our store gets. I have caught a few shoplifters in this one week and i let them now that i knew that they stole from our store. I really cursed out one thief as he was running from the building. Not that it helped any, but i let him know how much i was sick of thieves in the store. I wish the police could have caught him, that would have showed him! I had a another that was a guy that came in every night and talked to all of the crew. You can't trust anyone anymore! Pity!

Today was good because my family got their glasses in today. For Amber its going to be a big adjustment for her. So far she is not really wanting to put them on. Darin looks as handsome as ever! And for Frank, he says they are perfect for him.

Well I'm getting tired. Just a quick update for you all!.. I know my mother had posted a spot..but for some reason it did not publish...I will have to check into that for her.


Mallard said...

Glad to hear your mum is home at last - I just hope that YOU manage to get some 'you' time in the midst of all this!
New glasses will be refreshing for you all - at least you can now see who they're talking to... at last! At last!
Shopliftings' such an annoying &%$#@, aint it? At the bookstore I used to manage, we had a 1% 'shrinkage' amount in the overall budget - in other words - for shoplifting! Grrr! Hope you can work together to do something constructive about it.
Mal :o)

Monica said...

So glad to hear your mom is doing better! I can only imagine how stressful all this has been on you. My best friend's mother just passed away a few days ago and it has been really tough on her. We don't realize how lucky we are to still have our mothers/fathers. Love reading your journal. Keep up the good work!