Sunday, January 02, 2005

2005 IS HERE!

My god! Where has the time gone? And day 34 in the hospital for mom. She looks great...way better than she did! Now just to get her out of the bed and moving! I really hate seeing her in the nursing home. She has a wacko for a neighbor, she was caught smoking in the room with my mother...mind you that my mother is on oxygen! She could have blew up the joint! She is very buligerent to the nurses and her own children that visit her. Slapping the nurses and hitting her grown kids. My mom has requested a different room, but was told it would have to wait till Monday. I only hope that she won't go to a worse neighbor.

I wish there was a way to take care of her at home. But with her not being able to walk, that makes it a bit hard. Plus the fact that she needs medication via ivy's.

She did say that she watched the ball fall on television. I barely made that long but i was thinking about her while hugging and kissing my kids and husband for the New Year. Me and my husband Frank got alot done yesterday because it was a very nice day outside. It was so nice out that we took off our coats and put all the Christmas decorations away. Now i just need to go put my mothers decorations away. I think that i will try and do that Monday, when the children go back to school! Thank God!!!!!

I hope that everyone had a great and safe New Years! My husband tried a new thing last night, it was the first New Year's in 12 years that he did not drink a drop of alcohol! Not that he did not have any at home...he did..he just did not feel the need to drink. Plus this was the first year in many years that we were not around a group of was quiet and peaceful. I enjoyed not going or doing anything, especially with he way my life has been lately!

How did your New Years go? What did you do? What is your favorite drink? Mine is a strawberry daquari...My Aunt in Florida really got me to love those while visiting her one year! Anyone have any favorite drinking games? Any fond New Years memories that anyone wants to share?

Well take care all!

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Mallard said...

Hiya! Glad to see you online once again. I tried to email you, but it bounced back on me! D'oh! Silly AOL! Thanx for ur comment on my blog too.

"This may sound like a stupid question...but...who is the pretty girl on your blog? I know you have boys, but as much as i can remember, i never read about paige. Sorry if i am just a dork and don't remember."

'Paige' is just a play on words... 'My Blog Paige'... the girl is like the personification of my blog!
Awww... I was feeling a bit nutty that day! hahahaa! There's nothing wierd here going on! lol.

Glad to hear your mum is slowly on the improve - at last! Aint hospital neighbours a right royal pain...? Oh wow - the school years' must be so different here and there... our schools don't go back until the end of January. But then, you have your big holidays in mid-year, that's right, I remember now! Silly me!

My NYE was a very quiet one at home. I actually forgot about it for a few hours, and only remembered when I heard the bang of the fireworks they were displaying downtown... I sat on my back portch and watched them - that was about it! lol I must be getting too old and boring...? As for a favourite drink, I love a strawberry milkshake, but that's none too alcoholic! I love a nice ice-cold bourbon and coke, but I don't drink very much at all nowdays. I go thru phases, I guess.

Hope you are all staying safe, well and happy. Hope your 2005 is your best yet.

Mal :o)