Monday, December 27, 2004


For those that are following along about my mother, this is day 29. I missed her horribly for Christmas, nothing felt right! I tried to make everything as she would have. I even tried making her special stuffed cabbages, i have to say that they did turn out pretty good. I had never tried it by myself before.

I recorded the grandkids opening their presents from them so that she will see what their expressions were when she does come home. The kids could not believe what they did get. Most of it was purchased before my mom had gotten ill. Some i picked up for my father. I took one day and worked on wrapping everything for my father.

My husband came up to me and told me that my Sister had come up to him and thanked him for all the help with my mother. I know i don't talk much about my sister and with good reason, we just don't get along! But after he told me that, i could not believe it! Thanking him????? I'm the one that has bent over backwards! Running errands for my father, wrapping all the presents, cooking Christmas dinner for her and her family and mine, and for dad. I even helped out by making and sending all of my mother and father's christmas cards. I can tell ya that not one Thank You to me from her has been said!!! Do i sound bitter? Good! Anyways!
Well after the presents had been opened it was time for dinner. My mother has a pot that must not have the ability to cook. We put the potatoes on at 4 in the afternoon and at 6 they still were not able to eat. So while we stuffed ourselves with stuffed cabbage i transferred the potatoes into another pot and within 15 minutes they were ready. By then noone wanted any. It trully was funny, guess you had to be there.

After dinner i made a plate for my mother and took it to her with her gifts in tow. I let her open the kids presents to her which was a cute little ring that will have to be put on a chain cuz its too small and a pendant that says #1 grandma. Now that christmas is over and she has her present i can tell you what i got her. I searched all over for a ring that says MOM across it. The letters are made up of diamond chips. It's really sparklely. She was excited about that present.

After all that, mom was ready to try my stuffed cabbage. Mind you that my mother has not been tolerating food these days. So she took a few bites and told me that it was really good. After a couple more bites my mother ended up throwing it up all over herself. She was more upset about throwing it up then i was. She kept stating "it was really good" "i'm sorry" "my stomach can't handle food right now." I knew it was going to be iffy before hand so i was not upset. She just wanted to reassure me that it was not because that they were bad.

Today they moved my mother to a nursing home for the remainder of her treatment. The nursing home is closer to our house, which is great of course. If mom really can't stand it there she could literally walk home. My mother in her younger days had worked for that nursing home. She was nervous about going there because of that reason. She remembers nurses not being very nice over there. I hope that will not be the case. I was not able to get there tonight, but my father assured me that she had a really nice lady nurse. I was going to visit but i had heard that my Aunt and my Sister and her family had gone up there. I just did not want to bumbard her. I had visited her before she got transfered to the nursing home earlier in the day.

Well that's the scoop for now. Take care all and if i don't get on here before New Year's ...You all have a great and safe one!

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Mallard said...

Stuffed cabbages - I'm sure they tasted better than they sound!

Families - don't they bring out the worst in people?! Groan! I'm pleased my brother and I have a great relationship now... we both went a bit potty a few years' back, and he wouldn't speak to me. Now things are greally great between us - and I'm really grateful.

I'm glad that your mum will be closer to home for you all - less shuffling about for you. It all sounds pretty bleak, but try and hang in there, alright? say hi to your mum - if she even remembers me during her trails!

Mal :o)