Saturday, December 04, 2004

Just a Saturday

I feel really bad today because i did not go see my mother at the hospital for the first time this week. I had to get some sleep because i had not been able to get any all week. When i got up i looked at my house and about screamed. Those that know me know that i am a neatness freak, theres a place for everything and everything in it's place. But because i had been at the hospital all week I had let things slide a bit.
When i got up me and my hubby started cleaning up the mess. By then it was time for me to go to work. When i got off visiting hours were over.
Yesterday I was off and between visits to the hospital me and my hubby managed to put up our christmas tree. It turned out really nice! About 5 strands of multicolored lights on the thing! Lots and Lots of red garland, topped off with gold and silver beads. With all of our ornaments that we have been collecting throughout the years...eventually it will be covered in memories of christmases past. I want everthing on it to mean something. We buy those ornaments that you engrave your name and year on, or those ornaments that the kids make throughout the year are decorating my tree. Every year it's the kids job to decorate the tree with the ornaments after i put on the lights and garland and beads. It's great to watch their face when they see Darin and the year and say i was 2 then. Or they say they remember picking that out. Amber separates them and investigates each one. Showing me as if i had never seen them before. "Remember this mom?" she says. Kids are the greatest!


Mallard said...

Hope your mum is doing a whole lot better this week. Keep us posted?

Ahhh.... Xmas tree decorations... (sigh...)

Mal :o)

Anonymous said...
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