Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Well after the doctors telling my mother that she will probably be home before the holidays we just got news that will not be the case. In fact they are talking another 4 weeks of agrressive therapy for her fluid on the lungs and the infection in her blood. The doctor said that both of these things could kill her if she was let out early. So we sit and wait to hear about what they are going to do next. My dad don't know what to do without my mother at the house. He depends on me to do alot for him. I don't mind, but i do get tired. Plus i must have caught a bug somewhere, I have not been feeling well. I left work early yesterday, but today i have to stay and put up with it. TAKE CARE ALL and if i don't get to write before the holidays MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Mallard said...

It breaks my heart to hear your mum's still in hospital for a little while yet. That's really tough for you all. hang in there. stick together.
I hope you still have a funtastic festive season and a gear new year.
Mal :o)