Friday, December 03, 2004

Update on my Mom!

It's been a full week and my mother is nowhere near coming home any time soon. Everyday it's some kind of bad news! She had a severe urinary tract infection, her diabetes is all out of whack and Now they think that she has Hepatitis C. That has not been confirmed, because of the meds and infection it could be a false positive. I pray that she don't have that. Then they say that she has a yeast infection in her blood.

What scares me the most that after a week her breathing has improved some, but not enough to make me feel like she is alright. The doctors say she is going to be fine. But to look at her its still scary.

My husband came with me tonight to the hospital, it's the first time since we admitted her to the hospital that he was able to go. He even says she doesn't look good! The breathing was scaring him also.

Today she was hallucinating things. Like she said that we were in a hospital room that had many people inside it, but the room was a semi private..her and one other in the room. The other day my dad said that she saw a carousel outside her window. I hope this is the pain drugs that is doing that.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and prayers.


Mallard said...

Sending you as many positive thoughts your way in this tough time. It's not easy seeing the ones you love in such a poorly way. It's tough. It's hard. It's exhausting emotionally and subconsciously. I hope you're managing to get some quality 'Caroline' time in the midst of all this too. Thinking of you all. You are not alone - there are others who care and are thinking of you all.
Mal :o)

caroline said...

Thanks Mal! I appreciate all your kind words. This has been the roughest road i have been on.
No, i have no "caroline" time. Not sure what to do with it even if i had it. I guess it's the short time that i spend on the computer, but even then i get interupted. Oh well! Thanks Mal