Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Best 3 letter Word is "MOM"

Mom has been thru alot in the past 11 days. Good news is she is getting better, bad news is she has a whole lot going on with her body. Eleven doctors evaluate her everyday. She has blood doctors, liver doctors, heart doctors, infectious desease doctors, the whole nine yards. You can basicly say that half the hospital is working on my mom.

Mom has a blood infection, a fungus in her blood, hepatitis c, emphasyma, urinary tract infection, lung infection, fluid on her lungs. And they are testing her to find out why her blood cells that fight infection are not multiplying.

But thru it all she has been very couragous thru test after test after test. Only really complaining about the food they send her. Today i snuck in some goodies for her, her favorite jello's and puddings and some cashews.

Mom is black and blue all over her body, she has more holes then a collander! But everyday i see her she improves a bit. I really hope that she will be out before Christmas! It won't feel like Christmas without her!

Alot of people have been asking how i am doing. I think i have already been thru my nervous breakdown. Just the mere thought of her would send me into tears. But I am exhausted.
My day starts off by waking my kids for school, while they are eating and dressing i am cleaning my house. I vacuum, feed the animals, let the dogs out, take a shower, take the kids to school. When i come back i finish anything else that i did not get done. Then i go see my mother and spend a few hours with her. Leave the hospital and go to my moms house and check the house out for my dad, i vacuum, do the dishes, laundry, let his dog out. Not that it needs a whole lot, but i just don't want it to get nasty over there. Dad does not normally work on things like that. But i have to say that he is keeping it neat!

Then i leave there and come home to start dinner, pick up the kids, do homework with the kids, eat dinner and then get to go work my 8 hours! I'm exhausted just typing this!
But to answer your am i? I'm better than some and worse than others. I love that saying and sticking to it!
Thanks to all for their kind comments!

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Anonymous said...

sounds to me like maybee your dad is trying to make up for a balnce in scales,maybee his intentions are to make it up to the one who missed out in life,and you should figuire your part in her loses that led to this resolve,and your mom is right about you so listen to your parents tough love and deal with your role that put you in this place,maybee they missed out of so much that you played a part in,like maybee you should of been there to support your sisters needs as a sister and keep her family togeather instead of feeding her marriage to the wolves ,then maybee it would be a way she would still have her home she lost,think if someone is on fixed income you dont have to mess up much and you lose everything,did you do everything in your heart to keep them togeather,or help in seperating them,your sister is lucky she is still a family did you ever thimk of that also,and most likley what goes around comes around and you may find yourself asking the same thing you gave,maybee you dont see with fair eyes as your father,sounds to me your parents love her and your counting,havent you a heart,dont try to seperate your sisters marriage and count your other familys money,she must not have the same resource,so dont hog what god puts in your dads heart,it sounds like history repetes and this is not the first or last,how many times did you receive money from the family and help and side jobs and all the dinners ect... and her family had zip 0 none,,,,god knows god counts god makes it just,amen hallaloula
so peace be with you and get right with your sister,she was created by god and you will love her as god wills,or be judged by that same ,god wants ok,life is short