Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I Need More of me to go around

This is officially moms 18th day in the hospital. She went through hell! She seems to be getting better, but she is not able to move due to her back. Some how she pulled a muscle in her back and is in alot of pain.
I have been to the hospital everyday but 2 and that was because of work. Everyone is counting on me and i never want to let them down. Sometimes i want to cry because of all the stress that i am under, not all of it has to do with my mom. Money is a major factor to my stress, my bills are not getting paid like they should be. Christmas presents are my next stress. All of my family, Frank, Darin, Amber need glasses. Frank reuined his glasses and needs them for driving in case he gets pulled over. Darin's glasses work but his head must have gotten bigger because they look like they are getting tight. Amber did not pass her school exam, so i need to have her looked at. I'm looking at least $300.00 in that alone! I worry and worry and worry! On top of everything else, i have to take care of my house, mom's house, my kids, my husband,and help my dad with normal everyday things, and work a fulltime job. Don't get me started about the stress that i am under there!
Just had to vent a little to get it off my chest. I'm going to bed!


Monica said...


Keep your chin up. I know its really hard with the holidays and all the stress, but try not to let it get you down. I know thats easy to say.... Wishing you the best and I hope your mom is feeling better soon! Monica

Anonymous said...
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