Sunday, December 19, 2004

21 days or 3 weeks, however you wanna look at it.

Poor mom has been in the hospital that long! She's getting better and hopefully will be out before christmas. This is all that we can hope for! If she is not out we will have to celebrate when she does come home. She still had water on the lungs that's why she is still in the hospital. Her back really was hurting her from laying in the bed for so long. The doctors are really trying to make her comfortable. The nurses seem to be very nice and have tried really hard to help my mother.

Thursday I decided to visit my mother in the afternoon so that i could stay home and wrap some christmas presents. While i had presents scattered all over my living room floor, my phone rang , i listened to see who was calling. (those that know me, know that i won't answer the phone till i know who's calling) (damn telemarketers, bill collectors) So no one left a message or talked. My cell phone battery died, i was not aware of that either. So when my neighbor called my house and said pick up, i did not think much.

May(my neighbor) says "you better go to the school, they just called me!" I said "why? no one called here." She said "they had been trying to get ahold of you but could not". She says "apparently your daughter decided to bring a baby mouse to school". I said "She did what?" She told me again, and then said they need you to go and pick it up or tell them what to do with it. So i go running up to the school, all embarrassed that my daughter would do this.

I got in the office and there were a couple ladies standing there and my daughter was in there crying. (from being sent to the office) According to the ladies Amber said she found the mouse at the school the day before and that we said she could keep it. According to her daddy, (my husband) says she found it in one of her cages. Apparently one of the cave mice had a baby. Well she brought it into school and was feeding it milk from a syringe that we use to give my dogs their medicine.

The worst part about it, i knew she was up to something that particular morning. She was extra nice that morning. She is never like that! It was yes mother, ok mother, right away mother. So when i found out that she had done that, I put 2 and 2 together and everything that morning started to make sense. GOOD OLD FASHION MOTHERS INSTINCT! Just could not put my finger on it at the time.


Mallard said...

Gees, I'm out of the cybertronic loop for over a week - and look at everything I've missed! Gees... I'm soooo sorry to hear that your mum is still in hospital - gasp! You'll all have to celebrate Xmas when you can - that's no problem, I'm sure.

That mothers' instinct, hey... a baby mouse? Argh! hahahaa.

Mal :o)

Anonymous said...
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