Monday, January 10, 2005


Day 45! Mom is looking really good. She is not in as much pain as she was. She is making pretty good strides in her therapy. She is able to get out of bed with some help. She is able to walk a few steps but is too weak to do much more than that. She has completed all her ivy medicine, so now it is just strengthening her legs to walk.

I have to admit that i was a little angry with her on Saturday. The physical therapist had told her not to lay in bed, and screw up what they had accomplished up till friday. They wanted her at least sitting up in a chair and do her leg exercises. Well my mother stayed in bed on Saturday, so when i got there i was very stern in telling her that i was not happy about it. So Sunday i went to visit she was in bed but had promised that after lunch she would get into a chair. About an hour after i left I recieved a phone call that she was sitting in a chair. I was tickled!

I think that's enough about my mother. On Friday I took my children and my husband to have their eyes examined. Found out my son's eyes had gotten a tad worse. My daughter is now going to have glasses because she is a tad near sighted, plus she is getting lazy eyes in both of her eyes and the doctor wants to see her in 6 months to see if the glasses are going to help her with that. My husband was told that his right eye is a mess! He is near sighted plus has a stigmatism and lazy eye. I had my eyes checked last year and i am perfectly fine so far.
This was all done by my Christmas miracle from my Aunt. She gave me a present that helped me take care of my family. Well i think that i am going to keep this short and sweet.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your mum is finally up and about at last. I appreciate about having eyes tested. I've been short-sighted ever since a child, but didn't wear my glasses until about 10 years' ago! My left eye doesn't focus as quickly as my right - which finally explains why I am so lousy at fast-ball sorts like cricket, tennis, squash, etc etc! Whew! But I'm only mildly short-sighted, and they haven't changed that much in 10 years, so I'm lucky. My eldest wears glasses for reading the blackboard etc at school. we were blessed when a family bought him the pair of glasses for him - wow! he looks really cool in them too - very grown up!

Glad to see you staying postive... well, as positive as you can possibly be. You GO, girl!

Mal :o)

Mallard said...

Hiya. Just dropping you a quick line to let you know I'm thinking of you all in this testing and trying time for you all. Hope your mum is walking about a whole lot more freely soon. Look after yourself too - make sure to have some 'you' time in the midst of all this, alright? Promise? Good! hahahaa.
Mal :o)