Monday, February 14, 2005


Today was an ok day. KIDS went to school, hubby went to work and i went on with my day to day thing. First cleaning my house then going to my mothers. Mom is doing much better, she is even getting up on her own. She is just not able to keep herself standing for very long.

The kids had thier parties at school, Amber passed out cards and candy just like she wanted to. Darin chose not to participate in that. He said its kid stuff. I thought i had this last year in elementary before i would hear those words. Next year he is off to middle school. They are growing up so fast. I was writing my Aunt in Florida and was telling her that i still want to bring them down to Florida, but i realized that i have been saying that for almost 11 years now. Darin was barely walking the last time i was there, and Amber was 2 weeks before delivery then.
I will get them there again hopefully. :)

Last night i got home to find my Valentine's card on the kitchen table for me to find. Frank surprised me with a card, the card was really nice! All the mushy stuff that i needed to hear. But i also had a card that i had bought weeks ago, so when he got up in the morning he had his to read. Since i did not have to work today and he got home at a descent hour, i took him out to eat, it was not an expensive restaurant but just fast food..Burger King...that's what the kids wanted. Hey we are not rich people and things are tight right now. It was good enough for us.
Then we visited the neighbors and played a couple games.

This Friday i am going with my son's class to the Detroit Science Center, he is really excited about going because they are showing the monster trucks there. I hope that i do not get the class misfits in my group. The last field trip i did with my daughter was my worst nightmare, all i can pray for is a a good couple of kids.

Well i am getting tired. Hope that Everyone had a great day...and if ya like...tell me about your Valentines day. :)


no kiss said...
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wendy said...
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Monica said...

Hey Caroline!

Glad to hear you had a nice Valentine's Day. I didn't get SQUAT from my hubby! No surprise there though. At least he got me a piece of Tiffany for Christmas! Hope you don't get the hellions on your son's class trip! Take care and I'll probably talk to you after our cruise!!!!