Monday, August 28, 2006

Sometimes you have to say screw it

The title means that i did get to take my kids up North to see my best friend and her kids and all the animals that she has gathered in 2 years. My kids had a blast feeding the turkeys and the goats and the pigs and chickens. In her garage she has 11 rabits and and one barn kitten. The house had every indoor animal that you could think of! She has 6 dogs and I don't know how many cats...because I am allergic she made sure to keep those out of my sight. The snakes, birds and (daygus?it's kinda like a squirrel). were all over the house.

Every morning all the kids woke up to watering and feeding all the animals! This takes about an hour with 5 children doing it. They were excited to have Amber and Darin helping them do all this for 2 mornings. After all the animals were fed, all the children were fed their breakfast and were able to play with the animals or walk around the area. We even took them into town and walked around a couple stores. I got to see a store that carried horse saddles and bridles and all kids of feed for different farm animals. You don't see that around here.

I did take pictures, but it might take me a month to finish the camera to get developed. I have some pictures developed that i will be posting just as soon as i get to moms and have her scan and email me them.

Friday and Saturday was so wet and muddy out there in Lupton. It was pretty cold up there also. We were planning on letting the kids go swimming walking the goats and doing all kids of stuff, but the rain did not permit anything like that to happen. We did manage a night time walk by a cemetary...umm don't I would not go in, but i would not have minded walking in it in the day time..i like looking at old head stones. The plan was to scare some of the children...yeh...kind of cruel...most of the kids were not phased. It was just some excercise for the kids. We were checking out the stars and hoping to see some deer walking in the roads.

Sunday we got up early to go up to the high school to see some of the children do their cheerleading for the football games and one of the kids was in a game of football. Three football games later and one bad sunburn to the face it was time to head home! Yeh..the last day up north and the sun finally showed up! Sucks! Funny thing is, by the time i got home its been doing nothing but raining here! Geesh!

Times are tight, which sucks, but what can you do. I still don't know what they are going to do about my job. They have snuck some hours away from our crew to give to me....but if they get busted on it i will be going down in hours. I have been looking everyday at other possibilities...if i do get another full time job i am going to try and keep blockbusters part time. Every penny helps ya know. Frank worked 3 days last week and he did work today and we know he is working tomorrow, but other than that its a who knows kind of thing.

Next week i am on vacation for a week! I like to take the first week of school off so i can take care of anything that the kids need in the first week. I got everything on Amber's list of things for school in her backpack and ready to go. Darin did not have a list, so i got him what i know he will need for starters, like pens, pencils, erasers, compositions books, paper. Anything else will have to wait and see what he is going to need. Amber's list had baby wipes and antibacterial wipes....i can understand the antibacterial wipes...but why the baby wipes? I will have to see what Amber says they use those for.

Well...I am getting tired...and i have to get up early for work.Later all!


gammamoma said...

Caroline, you should probably mention that Barb worked a time for a vet's office and learned a lot about caring to animals from him, and that all her kids are busy with the 4 H up north and raise some of the animals for showing at 4H shows there. That had to be heaven for Amber being around all those animals ! Now Amber will be asking for a pot bellied pig or a goat to raise at YOURS house NOW! lol!

Monica said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. Chase and Skyler would love to be around that many animals.

Sometimes I forget that my kids aren't exposed to things like that. I grew up on a farm, so I don't think much about it. But my grandmother is dead now and her farm is being turned into a housing development. Its so sad to see.

Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time!