Saturday, August 05, 2006

I hope i don't babble on

The only thing i really have to talk about is my deep depression on what life has to keep throwing at me, I know I am not the only one that is in trouble but this is my blog and my worry. I'm so worried about things its really making me sick to my stomach. I have to talk to my district leader to see if either a) when i am going to lose my hours or b) how can i save my job.
I only have experience in retail, or the restaurant business, and i don't want to do that again, and no one is going to pay me near what i am making now. Plus i have to have benefits! My pills alone will put me into severe debt.
I wonder if life will get better? Can a new president turn things around? what a difference life has made for it self since our current president has been in office. Am i the only one that feels this way?
Sorry i am venting...I will try to talk about something else.

My dad had the week off for vacation so i really did not have to go over and take care of mom this week. I did go over with Darin and he helped me mow the lawn really fast before the heat got to be too much. Darin really loves riding the lawnmower and he gets to earn a few dollars.
We will be bright eyed and bushy tailed come Monday to visit grandma, we miss her and i am sure that my dad has about drove her crazy!

Amber is starting to do what i have asked her to do for a long time. She is wearing a headband to bed now...Not because i told her to, but because my best friend Barb told her to do it! Aunty Barb has more clout than I! If there is anything that i want done i just have to call Barb and somehow she is able to work her magic on her. What is great about it is that it's actually helping with the acne.

Well all...i gotta get some sleep..
Ya'll take care and i hope life is treating you better.


Mallard said...

Sending you my happy thoughts. Just offereing a listening ear and a supportive shoulder - no solutions [if I had any to offer you, I really *would*!]

Mal :o)

caroline said...

Thanks Mal!

Monica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your job Caroline. Especially with all the difficulties your hubby has had this year with his job.

I to agree with you on the current President. Isn't it funny in our lifetime that EVERY time we have a Republican president our economy goes to sh--. I've never considered myself a very political person. I've only voted twice in my life. But be sure that when its time to vote again, I'll be there waiting to vote for ANY democrat that comes along.

As far as venting in your blog. It is your blog and we all want to help you any way we can. I know we are far away and you don't even know us, but I'll offer any kind of advice I can. Not that you have to listen or anything. ;-) But I'm definatley here to support you in spirit anyway. :-)

I think its funny that Amber listened to Barb. That's actually great. Young girls need a close family member/friend who isn't a parent sometimes to talk to and receive support from. Amber is lucky she has Barb.

Hope your feeling better. Let me know if you'd like for me to help you with your resume or anything. Take care!