Wednesday, June 24, 2009


What the heck is going on with this week..

As i was leaving my house a few days back everything out front was as it should be but when i got home the first thing i noticed was my little garden lighthouse was stolen. The way i figure it my daughter says it was there at 6 pm but by the time i got home around 8:30 pm it was gone, and get this, my husband was in the house sleeping and my son was in his room. How daring people are getting!!! I really liked that lighthouse! It had a light at the top that went round and round. SUCKS!!

Yesterday after work i had to take my daughter to the doctors, she has been breaking out with lots of pimples under her armpit. Trying to figure out why. But the doctor said something that may be the problem...seems since she has used shaving cream she has been breaking out..i told her to just start using soap and water like she was before the break out. She doesn't think it is because it's not happening to her legs...but i told her maybe the skin on her armpits don't like it.
So she is now on some antibiotics to get rid of the puss and stuff under there. While i was there for her armpits i mentioned to him that she really has a problem with underarm wetness and that i have tried every clinic type stuff out there and she still has a problem. He wrote a script for a lotion that may help....we'll see!

So after doctors i drop my lovely daughter at grandma's and get all the way home and pull into the drive way at the same time my neighbor did and she says "Caroline you have a flat tire", WTF! So there was the fun of finding the jack and figuring out how to use everything that you need to change a tire because you haven't needed to use this stuff before...anywhoshits...get the tire off and run up to the local gas station where they fix it with a tire that's what i call back home and put tire back on like nothing ever happened.

Ok that's enough of the bad good thing about this week....

Amber says "mom i need pants" I don't know about you...but i can't buy new clothes all the time... I buy "new" clothes for beginning of school and like Christmas time. For the in between times the Salvation Army is very helpful...So i take my daughter there and she finds many pairs of jeans and ends up with about 3 that are acceptable...1 pair actually still had tags on it. We also tried on some t shirts and she ended up with 2 new shirts ...with 1 still having tags on 3 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts that would have probably cost me over 100 dollars, i walked out with a price tag of $15.32!! Priceless!!! She's happy, I'm ecstatic!

I have realized that i put alot of pictures of Amber on here...that's because she is a camera ham! Darin must have been bored one day and decided to take a few pics of himself...I am more than happy with sharing it with the world :)

ooooo serious!

he's just cute!

this one caught me off guard and i laughed a ton!!


T said...

Oh Caroline, that stinks. Why do people have to steal? I just will never understand that.

The tire, yikes, luckily my hubby handles all of those issues for me.

Great deal on the clothes, Wow!! You can't beat that, what a bargain.

Darin's photos, hahahaha, I laughed too with that last self portrait....boys!!

Colby said...

That was an eventful day. I'm sending you a bottle of wine - in my head.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

[[[friendly reassuring hugs]]]

momma(mary) said...

Some times it don't pay to get out of bed. This seems to be your week to prove that. Hopefully things will start looking up for you now.

Jen said...

lol at the last one.
When I was in MI in late-May,
I took a pic of that of my sister's tummy...I can't remember why...I'm thinking it had something to do with me being sarcastic about how "sexy" our flabby bellies were, and she'd stolen my camera and so I wanted to give her "portfolio" a boost of sex-appeal. Anyway...I wish my mom would appreciate my sister's and my humor... she just thinks we're weird. lol (Which is true, too!)

Anyway...I hate the fact that I have a mole in my armpit, because once or twice I've sliced it open and it bled quite profusely. Damn women having to shave all the time!

♥Caroline♥ said...

t-such as life. hubby handled it, i just

colby-i'm drinking it, in my

mal-((((hugs)))) back

momma-ya know!

Jen-all out of fun.
and ouch about your mole! Amber has a birth mark under one of hers it's a cherry birthmark. You just reminded me, i have to

Karmyn R said...

Someone stole your light in broad daylight? SHEESH! That is horrible.

Darin is quite the poser!

Diane said...

Aaww, the tummy picture is a keeper. Boys that age seem like overgrown toddlers is all...

Too bad about the neat lighthouse. I seem to recall a picture of it when you first got it.

When Youngest Son was born, I got a potted plant from the church. I loved that thing, first plant I was ever able to keep alive!
In the Spring when the weather got warm enough, I put the plant out on the corner of the porch railing, in its cute little baby bootie container.
One morning when I went out to water it, no more plant.

Lasted 3 days. I called the police and filed a report, since it was worth over $25.
And we have had 2 bicycles stolen from the yard.

I wonder what goes through a person's mind, thinking they have the right to grab something they did not earn.


LiLu said...

Hahaha! I hope your son isn't putting those on Craigslist...

I hope your day tomorrow is better, love!

frankyetnick said...

Karyn-yep, yep and yep!

Diane-Some people suck!


gammamoma said...

HA! Darin captioned the last picture with his "6 pack". I mentioned it looked more like a case to me. LOL! He came back with " Its my keg!" LMAO!