Thursday, June 18, 2009


The kids are soooo enjoying their summer vacation. I think i have seen my daughter maybe 3 days since school has been out. She has spent the night over every girlfriends house that she can think of and taking many, many pics. I thought i would share a few with you.

Do you remember doing this with your girlfriends? No?, i I used to put little eyeballs on my eyes...

They look kinda sweet!

I just love Ambers eyes! gorgeous!

Seriously she is going to break hearts.

her friend uribi, the wonderful singer.

a random picture of a flower at my mother's house.

her friend jordan. she is very pretty herself.

cute eh?

I got to crimp Amber's hair!!!!!! She let me do something to it!!
Does anyone know where i can find a chastity belt?
It's getting scary ya'll!!

Ok, now that we have peeked into Amber's photo album.
We went to the Clay Walker concert on Saturday and i was completely amazed how unbusy the concert was. We had lawn seats at the DTE Energy Theatre and was lucky to be invited to sit in the pavillion due to the attendance. It was an awesome concert, and the best part was being able to get out of there without any traffic what so ever. Bonus!!!
Amber and her friends were checking out fella's all night...I guess Amber thought the cotton-candy dude was cute...they kept searching for him...they would call him cotton candy dude or they decided to name him "Jason" for the sake of calling him a
Besides that, just got my nose to the grindstone, taking each day as they come at me.

Amber and her friends without make-up

Amber and her friend Jordan...I gotta watch out for them.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Lookin' good!!!!!!!!

Karmyn R said...

That's some crazy make-up! (be glad they aren't real tattoos. I think I've seen some ink that looked almost similar to the girls!)

How quickly we go from being the girls looking for the cute guys - to being the mother's worried that the girls will actually find one!

T said...

Aw, I like this post. They all look like they were having a great time.

How fun to be a teenager!!

FoxyMoron said...

Ah teenage girls! They are a species all their own aren't they? Did anyone see that girl in Europe somewhere who "fell asleep" in the tatoo parlour?

mylittlebecky said...

face paint AND hair crimping? unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Loving the girl's night. What fun! Such beautiful girls, and Amber's eyes are amazing.

♥Caroline♥ said...

mal-thank you

Karmyn-i hear ya!

T-they have been having a blast

foxy-they are lots of fun

mylittlebecky-lots of fun!!!

Rachel said...

I miss having girlfriends to do these kinds of things with.

momma(mary) said...

My grand daughter Jasmine is in that stage too. Her daddy, Wes, used to have his hair dyed with purple cellophane. I can't say I ever did any of that but it was probably because we didn't have all that stuff (makeup etc)available in the dark ages!!!

Stacie's Madness said...

looks like they were having fun!!!