Friday, June 12, 2009


I was just thinking about all the jobs I have had.

My first paying job other than allowance from parents was working with my neighbor at the age of 12 was dusting the bottoms of all the chairs at a lab. I earned $1.00 a night. That was awesome back then!

Then of course babysitting jobs. I enjoyed doing that. I took care of 4 children for the sister of the neighbor that i dusted chairs for. I was like 13 or 14. Got payed pretty good for it.

Then I started cleaning many different buildings with the family that i babysat for. I got payed really well for a 14, 15 year old. They were good to me.

When I was 15 I got a job at Big Boy's with my friend at the time. I was a hostess for 6 months and then i became a waitress for 6 months. It was my first official paycheck!!

At 16 I started to work for Mcdonald's, I worked there for the next 6 years. I worked my way to crew chief just under a manager because i was too young to be on. I was fired because a manager was stealing out of my drawer. It was only after i left that they found this out.

After I graduated High School I worked Mcdonald's and I worked for Mobil gas station, i did that for over a year. I quit Mobil because the owner was asking to many personal question and my boyfriend(who is my husband) didn't like it.

I worked for Motel 6, i worked 3 months, the day they made me head housekeeper i never showed up there again. I feared for my life because there was alot housekeepers there that had been there longer than me and would never take me seriously. (i still believe it was racial).

I ended up back at another McDonald's and worked there 10 more years. I worked my way to 3rd assistant manager. I was pretty happy there, but did not get along with the supervisor's daughter. I had to quit on the spot one day when it became quite clear that i was about to grab her by her skinny throat!

Don't worry at the time i was lucky to get a job working at a Blockbuster's and had been working both jobs for 4 months. When i decided to quit, Blockbuster's was asking me to quit Mcdonald's to work for them full time...I took the leap!

I worked for Blockbuster's for 5 whole years!!!! I was a manager there from the day that i walked thru the doors. I loved that job!! But all good things come to an end. I was knocked down from working full time, to working only 20 hours a week. So i was forced to search for either a full time job or a part time job. I got lucky to work at the hospital I am working now.

The hospital also demanded alot of my time and sure wanted me to quit Blockbuster's to work for them full time. It just felt right and so far so good it was a wise decision.

My current job is my favorite, there is a variety of jobs that i do that makes it interesting. The pace is much different, and for the first time I am not "the boss" I so wanted out of being the boss.

My worst job, Motel 6! it was digusting. You don't want to know what i have seen in a room.

So what's your favorite job? and what job did you totally hate!


T said...

Wow, you had a lot of jobs!

My first job, ofcourse was babysitting. I was a good babysitter and in high demand. At age 15,and 16 I made over $1,000. per month just from babysitting for several families. Then my first real job, I was the Office Manager for a major furniture company for 11 years. It was ok, but stressful. When I became pregnant, and miscarried at 6 months, because I was working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, for several months, trying to meet deadlines, I just quit. Turned in my keyes, and walked out the door.

I went to work 2 weeks later at a preschool/daycare, for a huge cut in pay, but I loved it. Worked there only for a little over a year, then quit, to open my own preschool/daycare out of my home.

Which brings me to today, I have had my own childcare at home now for the past 15 years. I have no regrets. :)

momma(mary) said...

Both work records were really interesting. I'll have to try a post like that. Thanks for the the idea.

Colby said...

As the Ccommunications Manager for the bank I worked for prior to our last merger, I was happiest. Now with the new combined company, same title, but no joy. Just a paycheck.

LiLu said...

Oh man- I've worked in more restaurants than I can count on both hands. I feel you!

Karmyn R said...

I don't think I could ever work in a hotel - ugh....just thinking about what people do.

However, I worked for a vet clinic for 3 years and cleaned up plenty of gross messes (but somehow dog and cat messes seem a lot less disgusting than people messes)

♥Caroline♥ said...

T-Yeh, I have had a few, but they have all been for long periods of time.

momma-use it and abuse it momma

colby-I hear ya.

Lilu-thanks for your support :)

Karmyn-lol, I don't know about that, some human messes I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Stacie's Madness said...

i can't IMAGINE the things you've seen in those hotel rooms~~~

Diane said...

A job I had before I got married, and liked not-at-all was when I was an LPN filling in a maternity leave in the Intensive Care Unit. The tension of working with patients so very ill was stressful enough, but the other staff was very condescending and during the whole two months I felt like an outsider.
After the wedding, we moved to another state so Husband could continue his education, but I did not bother to get a nursing license there.
Recently, while watching the nurses working so hard while my husband was a patient on the Surgical floor, I am sure I won't go back for more school and seek another job in healthcare.
I got to see our local folks who do your job of running trays from Dietary, and Yeah, I can well imagine that would be a good position for you at work.

My favorite job was being a stay-at-home mom, which I did from when I was 8 months pregnant with second baby to when third son went to K-gtn, maybe 7 years or so.
Yep, me and my boys, sometimes only leaving the yard to go to the grocery store or church or walk to the park.

We would do experiments for cooking, art on the wall, build a play tent with a blanket over the table in the dining room.
Husband was working a full-time job and a part-time job for paychecks, and for a couple years I took in kids for daycare so my own would have playmates. The money didn't hardly count because of the extra food and water bill.

Next favorite job was in the Infant Room of a daycare center. I'm told that I am really good with babies and special needs kids, but I'll tell ya, the adult personality conflicts and control freaks in the office really wore me out.
I worked with some of those people 8 full hours a day, and then had the same lunch break, even more time than I was with my husband!

Over the years, there have been other ways I have earned money, all legal, thank goodness.

Good Topic to bring on discussion!


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