Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my weight loss

Things so far has gone very smoothly!  down 62 pound in 8 weeks...I still can't believe it.  Last week i had a stall, no weight loss what so ever and this morning i woke up to  7 pounds gone in 1 week...It surprised me too...I weighed myself 5 times to get the same weight.

I'm only 103 pounds away to my own personal goal.  I have have broke many goals so far.  Like...I wanted to lose 35 pounds before i went back to work...I had lost 47 pounds before mom past away, it took me 7 months to do that back then, but when she past, i gained every single pound back and that only took a couple months!!  But that's all back off! Also in the past i have lost 60 pounds and now i am at 62 pounds lost..I really feel like I've accomplished something!!  Thanks for all the encouragement!!