Monday, May 14, 2012

Darin Prom May 11th, 2012

                                                    My handsome little boy

                                          Me and my boy!

                                                One of his good buddies!!  13 years of friendship

                                            Him slipping his dates corsage on her...Danielle
                                             He gets his flower
                                               cute couple


                                          Danielle, Darin and her mother and father

                                           Danielle and her aunt
                                          Danielle and her friend April

                                             Funny photo

The whole time i was there i was wishing my mother was seeing this...Look at the mist and the white orb above Darin.  I don't think it was the sun...cuz i was just under the chauffeurs armpit!  lol

Anyway, i am going to hope that it was her there with him...He had an amazing time!  They danced the night away!


Karmyn R said...

How did Darrin get so lucky to escort 2 beauties to prom?

Can't wait to see your update on the surgery. My husband's uncle did it last year and now he is healthy and looks great.

m said...

always an exciting time when the
prom comes around and
it looks like you had that from all the pictures!