Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Lil Man!

Darin went for his tuxedo fitting for Prom on the 11th of May.  He almost had me in tears, he is just so handsome and I am so very proud of this boy! All I could think about was that I wished my mother could see him!  Especially on Friday when he picks up his girl in the Limo and taking pictures.  I know my mother will be there in spirit, I expect an orb in his pictures standing right beside him.

He is very goal oriented.  He plans on going to college in August, he is going to study to be a mechanic.  I always knew he would do something with his hands. He loves to fix things!  Lately my neighbor has been breaking down alot and he was right there helping, getting his hands dirty and he says that he is loving every minute of it!! Lord knows his momma could use a mechanic in the

I will take a butt load of pictures on Friday of him and his lady friend.  They are good friends, he had the courage to ask her to prom.  He has asked her on 2 dates before, but I just think he is to shy to ask her to be more.  He says that he would rather concentrate on school for now.  (ya shocked me to)  But that only makes me prouder!!

His last day of high school is May 25th and he gets his diploma on the 31st.  I know I am gonna cry, just the thought makes me tear up now that I am typing this.  He's always been a good boy, watching him grow up to be a great man has been my pleasure!

We are having his graduation party on June 3rd!  Lets hope it's great weather...I am hoping for it not to be hot and and no rain!

Hope everyone is doing well!  I do pop in and out on here when I can.


momma said...

You have every right to be proud. I'm looking forward to the prom pictures.

Karmyn R said...

Lil man? - LOL Wow - he looks like a full grown man now. Yikes - is that what a nice suit does? I hope his prom was a success.