Thursday, September 20, 2007

just a quick note

Well since i wrote last Darin had strep, followed by Amber. Frank was suffering from sinuses and now i am officially not feeling good. It's all in my sinuses also, i'm sitting here trying to figure out if i am ready to go to the doctors. I'm thinking right now i probably can get away with over the counter drugs. We'll see.

Amber did talk to the vice principal and he talked to the boy that was threatening her. She says the boy is being nicer to her now. I'm glad that's taken care of.

Amber joined band this year and goes today to see what instrument she is going to pick to play. We are going to rent the instrument until we know that she is fully into doing it.

I'm going to be working a whole lot of hours at the hospital in the next 2 weeks which is good.
take care


Team Gherkin said...

Gagh! Dang and curses to the nasty strep throat being shared by everyone on your family! There are some things you shouldn't share with each-other! heh heh

Yay for Amber! Good on her for standing up to a bully, and for going for it the band. Good luck with the music. I started my life-long intrest in performing music in High School Band too. Go for it!

At least with all your hours at the hospital you'll have a nice healthy pay-packet at the end of it. Mixed blessings :)

Mal :)

Dak-Ind said...

its so nice of you to have visted our blog recently. it seems like i dont get to visitng as much as i used to but i am so glad you havent given up on me!

i am glad your daughter stood up for herself. i had a similar bully in the 6th grade. the girl was in the 7th and she was horrid to me until i stood up to her. i have been friends with her since then. i remain so now, over 20 years later.

as for instruments... i know most girls love to play the flute or the clarinet, but has she thought of playing the trumpet? there arent a lot of girls players, so she has the oppurtunity to get more in the way of college offers as she gets older if she pursues it, and of course for now there is the joy of standing next to almost all boys in the marching order and sitting with them in the class instead of with the girls! my friends never understood why i always had so many guys buzzing around me when it was well known i was not easy... its because they were friends with me, i had autoshop class and things like that. made my teen years great! hehe (spoken like the mother of sons, yes!?!)