Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hope everyone is healthy and well rested, cuz i'm NOT!
Folks i have been sick since Saturday. Started off just feeling blah, then the stuffed up feeling in the head and by Monday it was in my chest. I had to work both jobs feeling like crap with a capital CRAP! On Monday i did get to see my doctor with wonderful news that i had an upper respitory infection and he asked me how many days off work i wanted. Of course i told none because number (1) I just started working for one of them and (2)Cuz i need the money! Just give me the drugs and off to work i go!

Last week alone i worked 75 1/2 hours but this week will not be that bad. In fact after 3 weeks solid of working everyday, this Saturday i actually have a day completely off! I am going to try and do something fun with hubby and the kids. I really want to go on a haunted hayride. I told hubby i don't want to walk thru anything! I walk all the time! Some days i am on my feet fifteen to 16 hours.

I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner, can you? I have no idea what to get the kids.....They say they want money, so that they can buy what they want. But you know as well as i do that i like watching the suprise in their eyes. I will probably buy a few small gifts and give them some money.
Well folks this is about all i can get done today..i'm off to bed...

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Team Gherkin said...

SEVENTY FIVE and a HALF hour week? What the...? No wonder ur feeling sick! Look after yourself - and make sure you get some "you-time" as well.

I have two birthdays in November to celebrate b4 we even begin to think about Xmas here. One son is getting his first guitar!