Saturday, October 13, 2007

forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that when i saw my doctor about being sick, i found out that i had lost 4 pounds in two weeks. From being so busy working and all the walking i have been doing. Also my blood pressure was the best that i ever had! 105 over 85, i usually run about 130 over 90.
I was very excited that all the exercise I was getting was actually!

I just got back from the haunted hayride with the kids and it was so much fun! It was a great night for it, not too cold and no rain in sight. It was about an hours drive to Armada and the hayride took you deep into some woods. People were popping out at you constantly ...right at the beginning they were headless horsemen riding on horses with long swords. I did not anticipate horses jumping out in front of me. Characters jumping onto the wagon scaring the crap out of everyone. It was a nice family day for us all.

Now its back to the grindstone with work.


Team Gherkin said...

Aint it amazing how stress and overwork helps us shed those pouns? Dangit!

Sounds like you had a fantasticly memorable family night out together. Good on ya! Yay! [cheers the working mum]

Mal :)

Diane said...

Main Reason I don't go on hayrides or follow the Haunter Trail--all the scary stuff! I have a most difficult time keeping track of routine daily happenings, I don't need to add freaks!

For some folks, such as yerself, it seems to be a fun time had by all.
I'm glad it takes so many kinds of people to run the world...

My youngest son was a zombie for 3 years on our town's Haunted Walk. He absolutely loved being an actor!
What's neat is one of his guitar students recognized him and still teases him now.


Dak-Ind said...

i think iFOUND those four pounds, dangit!

sounds like yall are gearing up for halloween already! we just got started yesterday. sure last week we went to the pumpkin patch but yuesterday Duck got a costume! he will be taking his brother out on the town for halloween. i get to stay home and pass out candy to ghosts goblins ghouls pirates and princesses. i love it.