Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sneak Peak!

A couple months ago I had some family portraits done. Well finally I can present them to you. Thanks mom for all your help!

Amber age 15
Amber, and Darin

The whole Yetnick family
Amber, Darin, Frank and me Caroline

Darin age 16
Doesn't he look so grown up? Everyone I show his picture says he looks like a CEO or a Newscaster....lol
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we are doing our best with all the situations around us. Hope to catch up real soon, but with things the way they are, I am not very chatty at the moment...To be continued....


Michelle said...

Cute! You all look so happy :)

momma/mary said...

The pictures are great and show a happy family. You have to be proud of everyone. As to the situations you are alive, fairly healthy, have your home, and are very much loved so you are richer than a lot of people. Hopefully things will get better for us all.

River Glorious said...

Very nice family pictures. I don't have any, and I think I should do something about it, since this is probably the last Christmas we will be together for a long time. Thanks for sharing.