Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ok, where was I.

If there is anyone that reads my blog that has facebook and would like to be my friend on facebook let me know. It's easier for me to update real quick over there. But this will always be my little diary:)

Lets see, Frank is still looking for a job, he did have one interview but he hasn't heard anything back. He is depressed and was taking it out on all of us. He fought with everyone, my father, our kids, me, I was ready to beat his butt!!! Then I snapped at him and gave him a bit of a slap in the face (sort of speak) to just chill out!! It's going to be ok....But i found out from my neighbor that he confides in that it's because he is sorta depressed and worried about me. He doesn't like me working so much. But I am, what I call in "survival mode" working all these days and hours is not bothering me at the moment as long as it's for survival.

I am just thanking God that at the moment I can get the hours at my work, there are hours "a plenty" open right now! I don't mind most days. But when Frank does find a job, you know i am taking a vacation!!! lol

Now about Amber, she has just started vomiting again. For a couple months after taking antibiotics she pretty much just stopped vomiting. She did not even take her acid reducers. Now she is back on acid reducers. Tomorrow I go see a Infectious disease doctor and tell him the whole story and pretty much hope that there is something that he can do. I hope that he finds something!!! After this, I have no clue what I am going to do.

The kids, they are both in high school now. They had their first full day today, Amber was excited about being with her friends. Both would rather stay Darin has weight lifting, he is hoping to bulk up nicely. He would look so good! He also took drawing...remember the pictures i showed you before that he had done...I think he has a little talent. He also starts calculus this year. Hope he can handle it, he has always done good with math, he says it's easy, we will see!!

Amber took child development, she's excited about getting one of those fake babies. Hope she learns to not have one for a very long time!! lol She also has Business computers, I know she will like that!! The rest for both children is math, social studies, history and all of that kind of thing. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I am hoping to get my front brakes done this weekend before they get too bad. Thankfully i have a mechanic friend that owes me a favor :) so it's only costing me parts....well actually he is going to pretty much instruct my husband on how to do it because he is on some restrictions for his leg. But at least it's going to get done.

Me, well, I had horrible pains, my back tried to go out on me.I had a pinched nerve, it caused my foot to go numb..thankfully I had a back brace and some vicodin that helped make it thru the day at work until I saw the doctor and got the shot in my back, and i also took a shot in the left elbow that had been bothering me for quite awhile. But the pain is slowly coming back in my elbow. I think i may take another shot in the heel the next time I see my doctor, the heel spurs are hurting! But again I am thanking God that I am not missing any days at work and am able to work a ridiculous amount of hours lately!!!

One thing that i do know is that i have great friends, life long friends, I even have special friends at work, ones that actually care about me!!! These days i need them all!!!

Oh and I have posted my new weight loss, look at that girl move across the board!! Down 44 pounds!!! It amazes me!! Some days are harder than others! For me to lose anything while depressed and stressed is amazing!!

Well I am outta here!!! Gotta get some zzzzzzz's!


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I normally catch-up with you on Facebook. Hope that's OK?
Mal :)

momma/mary said...

The weight is coming along very well Caroline. Also The fact that you can get that overtime is good but remember that the body at any age does get tired. Take Care!!

MrsDoF said...

You are in my thoughts. And on my Weight Loss Group e-mail list.
Hope you like the comics :)
even if you are not at our weekly meetings, you have the same attitude.

Keep writing here, but I'll go find you on Facebook too.
It seems I need a new name on my list.

FoxyMoron said...

How you are continuing to do so well with your weight loss when so much is going on in your life is amazing. Good on you Caroline!
I really hope things get better for you and the family soon.