Tuesday, September 28, 2010

so much has happened!

Just had to put a pic of my now 16 year old son!
I'm so tired from working a zillion hours! and on this day I got up early and made breakfast, worked, thru a birthday party, went to church and then took my daughter and her boyfriend to the movies.. ack!

Some progress is being made on my weight loss...down 46 pounds...although I don't think this week is going to show any progress...I am so stressed!

Amber turned 15 on the 26th of this month...she is growing up so fast!!

I made her birthday cake, she wanted a banana cake, I did the best that i could!

A tree fell in my backyard. thanking god that the only real damage was done to a fence!

The fence is under there somewhere!

I became a grandma for a school project. She named him Jaden Treyvon Barney...It was a definite learning experience for her. But the dang thing was so loud it woke me 6 times in one night...Thank God that's over with.

The 17th was hubby and I's wedding anniversary. Sixteen years of wedded bliss. We all went to the cider mill and walked around some paths and took some really nice pics.

I love this pic, I'm gonna get it blown up!

and this one of my son is a definite keeper!

I tried to play professional camera woman.

So much has gone on. None of it really good.
Hubby is still out of work.
Amber had another reaction to another medicine.
Still don't know what is going on with her.
The hot water tank stopped working again and when it was supposed to be fixed a tree fell in my backyard, and the hot water tank did not get fixed that day.
My mom went into the hospital again with another stroke. This one almost blinded her. She was blind for a few hours! She is ok right now, but she will have another surgery, apparently she has a 80% blockage in her neck.
So the month of September has really sucked!!!!! Hopefully October will get better.


Michelle said...

You definitely look thinner in your picture! Keep up the good work! And good luck in October... hope things look up!

River Glorious said...

Wow, this is some month you've had... Happy Anniversary, by the way, and many many returns!


momma/mary said...

Happy belated Anniversary and many more. The pictures of the kids are great. I hope Paula is feeling better. Keep us alert to the surgery thing. My wish is that October will be your turn around month.