Monday, October 11, 2010

The Skinny

Amber went to homecoming with her boyfriend Khalil, she enjoyed herself, she is going to her homecoming at her school with him on the 23rd.

Last month sucked with everything that happened. And at first this month was not so great either!! Last Monday my son woke me up telling me that his left side was killing him and he started vomiting, turned white as a ghost and was sweating so bad that it was falling off his forehead like rain....He scared me to death!! Turned out to be his first kidney stone! He passed it shortly after getting home from the E.R. It was so small to be causing so much pain. We took it in to get analized...I am calling in the morning to see if there is any results yet..

This was Darin's first IV ever!!! It scared him to death! But he wanted anything to stop the pain!
Just trying to get thru all of this...Still hoping Frank finds a job...He had an interview last Thursday i was hoping to hear something today, but nope. He has and interview tomorrow and someone else called him for and interview that he has to call back. Hoping something works out. I'm getting tired of working all the time!!
Anyhoo...have a great week!


momma/mary said...

Darn Caroline when does the good luck start for you. I certainly hope it is soon.!

River Glorious said...

i've heard this is more painful than giving birth... yikes

River Glorious said...

Amber looks lovely in that dress. :)