Tuesday, October 26, 2010


On Saturday I helped Amber to get ready for homecoming...she was beautiful!!! He boyfriend looked very handsome as well...Here are some of my favorite pics of the night...this first one i had blown up to 5x7's one for me and one for her and one for him... It is the best pic all night.

Her shoes were a huge hit!! The heels are 4 glass balls that made up her heel. She is such a beautiful girl!

I got great deals on her outfit...I got 2 dresses and they only cost me $29.15 . Deb's had a clearance rack labeled buy one get one half off... Thank god she found 2 that she loved! The shoes i got for $3.00 at a salvation army, never been worn! I got lucky!!!

The other dress I bought for her she wore for our family portraits we had done on Friday. I finally put my son in a suit! He looked so grown up!!!

This is him without the tie on and not clean shaven...just wanted to see him in it.. He doesn't like going to dances...I hope that he will find a girlfriend and change his mind.
I had to reboot my computer last night because for some reason it would not go on the internet for anything all day yesterday...Thank god it worked because if it didn't i would not know what else i could have done.. Everything seems to working fine, just a pain to put everything back onto the computer.
Take care everyone...


River Glorious said...

they look so nice! very handsome couple. :)

Stacie's Madness said...

very nice pictures!