Saturday, March 11, 2006

Things happen for a i always said

You all know how i wrote about my husband is losing his job. Well starting on the 20th my husband will be starting his new job. Thanks to God! Thanks to all of you that said a quick prayer and good thoughts my way.

I had been talking to one of my customers about how my husband's job had done him and she said that her father works for the city and knows alot of people and she would ask him if he knew anyone looking for a laborer. I thought and said "that would be great if you could do that" and did not think of it since then. Well on Tuesday she came in and asked me if my husband was still looking for a job. I told her yes, and she handed me a phone number. Told me that this guy was looking for a laborer and was willing to pay 10 dollars an hour to start and if he was liked he would pay him 12 in a couple months. This is what we were hoping for!

Well i gave my husband the note and he called, and got the interview on the same day. He met with him and on the way home Frank called and said that he was on the way home and would tell me if the guy offered him a job. You know i knew that he got the job right then. So when he got home he told me that he did get the job, but i did not even think that he was going to tell me that his new boss if going to pay him more then he is making now! UNBELIEVABLE! And he is going to make 40 hours and overtime!! It's a dream! Somebody pinch me!

Frank's new career is going to be in construction. Or more along the lines of destruction and clean up. He will be knocking down walls and digging trenches and pulling up floors things in that nature. Frank thinks he will like it, and it's really something that he can probably handle. And like he says, it's something different. Let's pray that he likes his new job.


That was the good for bad

My poor son is very sick! Thursday he woke me up saying his throat hurt really bad. So when i got a flashlight and saw that the back of his throat looked redder than an apple, he got to stay home from school. I tried to get him into the doctor's on the same day but their were no openings so he had to suffer for 24 hours. I pumped motrin in him every few hours for the pain and the fever that reached 103.7. Poor kid has been puking everything up for 2 days. He missed the bathroom only once and guess who had to clean that up! Yep..yours truly...yuk!

When the doctor saw his throat he told Darin to close it because it was too
He then prescribed him antibiotics and told him to drink, drink, drink. Popsicles are good for kids that are throwing up because you can't drink them too fast.

The kid is getting treated like a king! Hopefully he is feeling better real soon.


On saturday my nieghbor is going to repair the brakes to my van. They have been grabbing for about a month, so before they get worse i am having that taken care of.

Well all...i'm getting tired..night people and thanks


tonia_ho said...

103.7 was kind of high temp., next time you may try to give the kid some popsicle or cold water to drink (before you can reach the Doctor's Office)in order to bring down the fever.

MrsDoF said...

Often, when I call or go to the doctor, they say "wait and see" before giving me any prescription.
If they know me better, they would understand that I have to be really really bad off before I get to them.
I hope the boy is feeling fine real soon. Being sick just ain't right!

As for the job as a laborer, my brother-in-law worked as one for about 4 years before he finally began his own business in home repair. Here's hoping your fella takes to it and helps keep the bills paid for quite awhile.

caroline said...

tonia_ho- thanks for the son had motrin in him and the reason it was so high was that i was not expecting to wait 2 hours in the waiting room all because they lost his chart. he was drinking from the water fountain in the room and still threw that up. As soon as they took his temp they gave him tylenol. next time i will carry the bottle of motrin with me!

Anonymous said...

Yayy Caroline! Prayers have been answered! I'm so relieved that he found a new job so quickly. Make sure he takes you guys to a nice restaurant when he gets paid hehehee.. Seriously ya'll deserve it. Oh and I hope your son feels better soon. I hate it when kids get sick. It makes you feel so helpless.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Last post was from Bianca. I always forget to add my name-lol