Sunday, March 26, 2006


Friday was such a weird day for me. Nothing normal about this day. I don't know how to take it. It started off with dropping off the kids at school..nothing out of the ordinary there. But after that was me checking the good old checking account to find out that Frank's last check at his old job was not deposited. SOOOOO after a little freaking out, I called his old job and had to leave a message for the HR to call me about his check. After about a half hour i got a phone call from one of the head honcho's saying that they were holding Frank's check ransom for 5 pairs of uniform pants. Ok ok...maybe he didn't say ransom...but i just thought that sounded

What really sucks is i asked Frank if he had to turn anything in uniform wise and he told me no. Can you say "ummm yeh right". *smack to the head* Frank never is right! doh!

So when i got there several people pointed to different people. UMMm hello people, all i want is the person that has his check! What's so hard about that? So after finding her she makes me walk with her toting a bag of pants all thru the shop to find the head whatever to actually pull each pant out of the bag and count out loud. what the????? After that obscene mess i finally got my husbands check!

Wanna hear what was so horrible about the whole thing. Too bad..i'm gonna tell ya While walking thru i saw several people that knew me from previous parties, and not ONE stopped to say hi, how's Frank doing? The (forgive me for language) bastards worked with him 10 years!!!!! You would think somebody would be interested if Frank was doing alright in his new job. errrrrrrrrrr it makes me so mad.

__________________________________________________ onward on the odd day

After getting his check i stopped by my doctors office to see if i could get some samples on some of the medicines that i take because as of the 14 (the last day that frank worked) we have no insurance. I am getting insurance thru my work, but it won't start till the 1st of April. Well anyways i had to see if i could get help because i take soooo much meds if i had to pay for them outright i would have to take a second mortgage on the Maybe not exactly, but you get my point. Thankfully they were able to help
ok.... maybe that's not so odd but...

On my way home i got a phone call from my daughter's school saying that she had a tummy ache and a headache. Let's say "ummmm yeh right" again, she had been asking to stay home all week! Tummy ache was from cramps, i'm sure. But hey i don't let them come home often so the little faker got to come home. I took her grocery shopping, here's a weird part, we picked up liver and onions for dinner. I have not made this since the first year that we moved into the house. Don't ask me why, i could not tell ya.

So after putting all the groceries away i got the urge to bake...Yeh you heard me bake! If you know me the only time i bake cookies is Christmas. Well i baked a few dozen chocolate chip cookies which turned out awesome! Then i cooked our dinner of liver and onions and i have to say it turned out great! Then i went back into the kitchen and whipped up a batch of peanut butter cookies...yummmmmmmmyyyyyyy!
why? I don't know! But i could tell the kids were happy and the hubby was amazed to have a different dinner, and to have himself some homemade cookies.

After all that i was looking forward to watching "Ghost Whisperer" and low and behold it was canceled to put on stupid college basketball!

Sunday we are bowling as usual and after that we are going to pick up some tools for Frank for his new job. Frank is loving his new job! He has been working full 8 hour shifts and working pretty hard and it shows, the last few days he has looked drained, but he is happy :).

Well all...i gotta bowl in the morning so night night


MrsDoF said...

The uniform hostage situation is a ploy often used as one last humiliation. Even after 10 years of employment, the last little dig....sneer at them--go ahead!

Umm, liver and onions. I haven't had a decent plate since the Bishop's Cafeteria closed years ago. What good ol' home cookin' can do to cheer a person up.
And peanut butter cookies for dessert.
Oh my, you were in quite a mood.
I'll wipe the drool of the keyboard now.

Dak-Ind said...

weird days are going around.

as for uniforms, the situation with my husbands work is really getting bad. the guys on swing who dont have uniforms yet have been goign into the uniform room and swiping the day shift guys (my hubby included) uniforms. this means the husband runs out of clean uniforms before the week is over and i get gross inky messy RUINED clothing to try to save on thursadys and fridays.

i think that should be a hanging offense. i hate laundry.

Anonymous said...

Those assholes at your husbands ex job. Fuck 'em and feed 'em hotsauce! I'm glad he's enjoying his new job. Oh and the next time you're feeling like Betty Crocker could you please invite me over? Hehe..