Monday, April 03, 2006

Would you believe?

Sunday had to be one of the greatest days of our lives but it didn't start off that way. When my husband woke me up at 6 in the morning thinking it was 7, it was not a great start. But that was my fault, i did not tell him that i had already set the clocks ahead.

We went to bowling like usual and i was excited after the first game to learn that i won mystery on the first game. Those that don't know what that means is you pay 2 dollars to enter in like a raffle of what you bowled for that game. I had bowled a 125 for my first game and that was the number that got picked out of a bowl full of numbers. I hope that i explained that well enough. Anyways after the second game they do this again so i did not pay attention to it to much because of the odds of getting called twice is very low. So when they called out 133 for the second game, Frank raised his hand and claimed his prize!

Just when you think that's enough, my son got to pick the 50/50 raffle ticket, and guess what! YEP, he picked mine! She told me that it was the largest amount all year, which was 49 dollars.

Can ya believe it? walked out of bowling with 80 dollars in my pocket.
But the day just kept getting better. I went to Kmart to pick up a new shower head because my husband had broke ours that morning. I ended up finding 2 ceiling fans on clearance for 20 dollars a piece, one for my kitchen that i have been wanting to replace, and one for my bedroom to replace the one that the motor has decided to quit after just a few months.

So after that we decided to play the lottery since we were on a winning streak. Can ya believe i checked our numbers and i was only 1 number off to win that. Had Darin been born in "90" i would have won it. I played 1694 and the number came out 1609. Oh well, just had to try.

When i went to work, I found out that i had to sell one online movie pass and i did not think that i was going to be able to do it. But thankfully around 10:30 pm i finally got it sold.

Pretty much a good day, don't ya think?

The only movie that i was able to watch was "Brokeback Mountain", with all of it's hype, i did not think that this movie was all that they were making it out to be. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but just not my cup of tea.


Well i'm getting tired, so g'night


Dak-Ind said...

what an excellent day!

its always nice when the good things in life outweight the annoyances.

i havent seen brokeback mountain yet, i will eventually, but im not into hype and all that, i just like heath ledger.

MrsDoF said...

I'll rent Brokeback sometime. Plus I do want to see Walk the Line because I love the Carter-Cash family, and I am so glad Reese Witherspoon got the Oscar.

A lucky streak can't last forever, but to come out from bowling with $80 ahead is sure nice!