Thursday, April 20, 2006


Mini my big baby

My big baby of a dog Mini had to have surgery today. She had a sore that would never heal properly. No amounts of iodine, peroxide, antibiotic ointment would make it go away. So i took her to the vet to see what it is or how to treat it properly. The vet looked at it and told me it was a cyst that had to be removed or it would just keep coming back. Mini had chewed it out a couple of times but it would keep coming back. She had surgery around 1 this afternoon and they told me that i could pick her up around 730 pm. The vet told me that she had alot of cyst matter under the skin she ended up cutting her about a 7 inches to remove it all. The sore that i thought was only about an inch hole.

When i went to pick her up they said that she was still a little under the anesthesia and could not get her legs to move properly. They asked us to come visit her and they would take care of her for the night. She looked so doped up to us. She is never going to like a car ride again! I don't have the heart to tell her that on the 29th she is going for shots at the dog shot fair. Around the end of May i usually take her to get shaved down for the summer. She will love that tho, a day of primping and pampering! I have shelled out alot of money for her today, actually the last of my cushion of money that i was trying to hold on to. But she is a special part of my family, I got her when she was 3 months old, Darin was barely 2 and amber was only 1 year old. She treated my kids great thru all the hair pulling and play horse riding. All she ever asks for is a nice bed to lay on, and a lap to rest her head on while you pet her.

I'm sitting here missing her right now, I noticed right away that i did not have to fight for a spot on the couch. When i opened the front door i did not see her face in the window, or a big dog running over to come and say welcome back home. I hope that she does not hate me.
I'm sure she will be fine.
I love ya Mini and I miss ya!

Amber is holding both of our chihuahua's
Hershey on the left and Torro on the right and Mini

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MrsDoF said...

Pets do become part of the family.
Here's hoping Mini is doing just fine and recuperates well!

The costs of pet care should be taken in stride. Our extra younguns add so much love to the family.

I remember one time when I was working as a waitress and I had my coin Tips jar almost full. That estimated about $300, and I really needed new glasses.
However, the cat had two trips to the Vet in a week, so my vision had to wait awhile. Totally worth it.