Tuesday, April 18, 2006


My first day of vacation with the kids did not feel like a vacation. What's better than that is that my first day of vacation, i was awakened by a phone call from my work!!! Thank god it was only a "did you do *this* before you went so i don't do *this* again". After i dragged my lifeless body out of the bed i commenced to stripping the beds and putting clean sheets on all the beds. Then i traveled with my mom to her destinations for the day. I had to go by my sister's house to give my daughter some clothes because she decided to spend a couple of nights with her aunt and cousins. I have to thank my sister for that, i was able to get more done with my kitchen.

After all the running around, i started on my main reason for my vacation, my kitchen. I finally plastered the walls. You guys remember me telling you that we tore down the paneling in the kitchen right? Well its time to make it one color rather than 2 toned.

After i finished that, my husband came home from work and we decided to go bowling with our son for a couple of hours. It was dollar a game day at our bowling alley, it was fun and something to do. Did i tell you that my husband beat his new high score for our league? He bowled a 202 the Sunday before. He really can bowl if he puts his mind to it.

How was everyone's Easter? Mine did not start off too great. When we left my house to meet my parents at the restaurant, we stopped at cvs to get Frank some medicine for his allergies. When we came back out, the car would not start. Thank God my mom had her cell phone on and she came to my rescue. Luckily it was just a battery, could have been worse. Other than the battery and having to work on Easter it was not to bad.

The kids loved what they got, some candy, an outfit, and cd/radio player headset and sandals. That's what they got from us, my mom and dad spoiled them more with their baskets. Darin really loves the necklaces that we got him. Lately he has been really wanting to wear necklaces.

Speaking of Darin, today me and him were standing next to eachother and my mother noticed that Darin is practically as tall as me now. I am 5'4 and he has to be about 5'3 now. He's only going on 12 ya'll! Is this normal? Or am i raising the jolly green giant? He wears a mens shoe size of 101/2. He's growing lots of armpit hair and i see signs of a mustache on his lip! I'm feeling pretty old about now.

Don't even get me started about my daughter...We(Frank and I) are considering locking her under lock and key! She is developing if you know what i mean! And girlfriend has a booty that would make J Lo jealous. She is being very helpful lately, *could mean she wants something* or she is getting *girly ways* about her. She has been folding the laundry for me without me asking. Just cleaning things that i have not asked her to do or whatever. I'm not complaining...but i go back to "nothing in this life is free".lol

Tomorrow i will be sanding and priming the kitchen. I will leave you with some pictures to look at.

This is my mom and dad. We made fun of dad because his hair has greyed over night.

My pretty daughter Amber

Me with my mom and dad :) Yeh, they caught me squinting because the sun was in my eyes.

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