Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Still Here

The reason i have not been posting regularly is because i have not been feeling just right lately. The only symptom i seem to be having is that i am tired ALL the time. I can barely keep my eyes open for anything these days. I worried about it, talked to my doctor and he ordered some tests. My fear is that it was my heart. I did feel this way just before my heart attack. My doctor ordered an echo of my heart and a bunch of blood tests. I have to wait till Monday to find out anything because my doctor is on vacation this week.

I do think that i may have found out the reason for this, A man that works with me just found out that he has mono with a touch of the flu. Now catching mono was probably made easy by me mistakenly drinking his water. I thought it was mine folks.

I have not had the energy to do anything, and what i do, i have forced myself to do. I guess if i had to chose mono or heart attack..that's a no brainer.
But with me having to be so active and having so many things to do in a day it's really messing me up.

So that's my excuse for not posting and i'm sticking to


There has not been many to talk about these days but i will do my best

I just finished "Just Friends". This is not a great film, but worth watching once. It's about a "fluffy" man that has a crush on this girl in high school. They are best friends and he decides he is going to tell her that he is in love with her. Well things get mixed up and he gets made fun of. He leaves, starts a great career and loses all the weight. When he ends up home, he finds her and tries to have a relationship with her. Things get in their way ...i'll let you see if you like it from here.

"Yours, mine, and ours" was a great family film! There is no way in hell i would have that many kids! If you were thinking of a big family, you would reconcider in a second.

"Harry Potter, goblit of fire" is as usual! Spectacular! Little more dark magic in this one.

I thought "Doom" sucked. But from what i am gathering is the men that liked the game, are the ones that are really liking the film. I thought that watching "The Rock" would have saved this movie...but for me it was not even worth it for him.

I'm trying to remember the movies that i have watched lately that i have not posted anything on.
"Prince and Me 2" was not the same without kirsten dunst. But cute anyways.
"Stuart little 3" the kids adored!
"North Country" is the whip!!!! Every woman needs to watch this movie! I loved it! It's about sexual harrassement on the job. This one happens to be in a mine. Charlize Theron worked her but off on this one.

I won't talk about our bowling because i was not there this past Sunday...i had to work. :( But from what i have heard, we really sucked...goodbye second place. :(

My husband has honestly been trying to find another job. Hopefully he can find one before this job is no more. He's been looking online and whenever possible he is putting in applications when he can. I have faith that he will find one. He has never been without a job in the 13 years that i have been with him, and his parents have always said that he worked all the time. Just now i think he is nervous because we have alot to lose if he is out of work for too long.


I splurged a little and went and had my hair highlighted after 2 years. I do like the color(it's called apricot), but one small area i think she over did but it will
be fine. It's kinda of a golden carmely color.


Mom is back on the road again, after almost 2 years. She's doing well, but i do worry about her. I worry because she still gets a bit confused. But i think she will be fine. She runs her little errands here and there and i keep her company. I can't complain that i'm using so much gas anymore.
Well all...i'm starting to get tired again....I will write more later...
Ya'll take care

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MrsDoF said...

So glad to know your mom is doing better, enough to do errands at least.

Keeping my fingers crossed for your hubs and a job. It will happen because it needs to.

Mono possibility? whewee. My third sister had that her first year of college and said it was worse than being pregnant. How's that for a comparison?