Friday, August 24, 2007


I have officially passed my physical for my new job. I start working at the hospital on Monday. I'm very excited about doing something different, also the fact that it's in a great hospital. It's in a great neighborhood and it's very close to my house.

I am also very nervous about starting over in a new job. I'm still not sure what they will be having me to do. From what gathered from the interview, it could be anything dealing with deliver the trays of food to the patients or retrieving trays to working in the cafeteria or cooking.

I will know more about my job on Monday after my orientation.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job!!!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

A new job for you so close to the beginning of school for the kids!
Tines will be crazy at your house for awhile!

here's hoping you can handle your duties and find a good friend to sit with at lunch time....


Diane said...

um the previous comment should have the word 'Times' will be crazy--
I sure hope nobody flails about with the tines of a fork

just what I get for clicking Submit too early

momma said...

How exciting! To be starting something different is a challenge but not something overwhelming. I'm sure you will do well.