Sunday, August 05, 2007

I want to work :)

I went on both interviews last week and i am hopeful on either one of them to offer me a job. The hospital job promises more hours than the kroger job. I really need for my life to get on a better track. I really hate the questions that they ask at an interview. I get so nervous that i am not sure exactly what i am saying, after all it's been 15 years since i hade to have an actual interview. But after the interview i think of better answers than what i had given...I wish you get to look at the questions before the interview so you can at least sound smart on them.
(insert prayers for the hospital job here)

The past week my sister and I devoted alot of time over my mother and father's house trying to get her house back to normal. We painted her humongous house, her bedroom, living room, the huge rec room and a front bedroom. The construction company painted her new addition bedroom and her HUGE kitchen/dining room. They will also be painting her bathroom when they finish that project. I can't wait to see the finished product, trim sticks, curtains, floors, carpenting. God it's going to look gorgeous in there.

Mini seems to be doing alot better, she goes to the vet on Thursday to have all her stitches and staples removed.
take care all....i am tired, i have been up early everyday for the past week.

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Dak-Ind said...

i, too, am looking at going back to work. i had an interview that looks very promising and we have a neighbor friend who will watch indy mon-thur for 60 bucks a week. (my job would be m-f, but the hubby only works m-th, so it works)

anyways... let us know, have you heard yet?