Sunday, July 29, 2007


Where do i wanna start.

Amber is doing better...I still sleep with the phones nearby in my bedroom. I monitor my minutes on the phone all the time. So far, so good.

Last week the kids decided that they wanted to switch their bedrooms around. I like the way Amber has her set up, it actually looks like their is some room in there now. Darin's room is just flipped. He has the smallest bedroom and Frankly unless i get him a smaller stand up dresser there isn't much else you can do. After they moved their rooms i had them go thru their dressers for clothes that no longer fit or clothes they will not wear. So now i have a better idea of what they need for school clothes.

I started some shopping for clothes this week. I got them shoes for school, Amber at 11 is wearing a size 9,and my son freaked me out! My 12 year old boy is in a size 12 shoe!!!!!!! He will never sink in those boats!!! lol I got some basic essentials, socks, bras, underwear. Looks like Amber is not in bad shape at all just needs a few new things to be a little different for school, and Darin needs pants! He is sporting a size 40 waist! Thank god he grew upward, otherwise he would look like a weeble He's hovering over me now, he makes fun of me for being so short..(Jerk). some hopeful news. As you all know i have been looking for another job since mine has knocked me all the way down to 18 and 20 hours. I have been looking for what seems like a year. All of a sudden i have 2 interviews this week! One for Kroger's on Tuesday and on Friday i have an interview to work in a hospital! I hope that one of them will offer me a job. I really want the hospital job, but at this point anything is in there.

I had to take my big dog Mini to the vets on Friday and she had to have surgery on some masses. I thought that she had 2 relatives big masses but when the doctor took a look at her there was 5 in total. They were all removed, she is in alot of pain and she has some good meds in her. She takes her pain pills and if you have never seen a dog high before, it's the most hilarious thing i have seen in awhile. Her eyes are small slits when she looks at you and she gets confused of where she wants to be. I feel bad for her....I feel bad for me also because that was not another expense that i needed...but pets are like family right? And she has given us 11 wonderful years. They did some test to see if it may be cancer and from what they could see she was cancer free. They sent off some specimens and i won't know for certain until next week...but what from what they did do it was safe to say she was safe.

I finally got Frank's car hooked up with a hitch so that he can take his boat out. What good is having a boat when it's only decorating your backyard, right?
He's so excited about being able to finally use his boat.

Well it's getting late and i have been up early everyday.
take care all

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Diane said...

The phone, ah yes. Reminds me that I need to get one for me before my job with the school begins.

When youngest son was 13 years old, he wore a size 13 shoe.
As his skeleton stopped growing and the bone plates stabilized, his feet went down to a size 12 and remain there.
He just bought shoes, jeans, 2 t-shirts, and 2 dress shirts yesterday. I love it that the sons are grown and taking care of such needs for themselves.

Crossing my fingers for a good job for you. My brother-in-law works at a Kroger for years, and loves it. But if you'd rather be at the hospital, that's where my vibes will hover.

Good Luck!