Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We did get to go up north to visit my friend. We got a little bit of a late start and then got stuck in some traffic for about 20 minutes. We arrived around 10:30 pm, so all we were able to do was play some cards and chat. The kids talked and talked to each other and played games. Frank and I got kinda tired so we went to sleep around 2:30 am, the kids stayed up all night! Frank woke up around 6:30 am and thought it was a good idea to wake me up that early. Well then everyone woke up, and it was off to visit her little zoo and feed all the animals. There was more animals than i thought she had. What i could not believe is that she had some goats that just wondered the property without running away!

Frank had planned on going fishing on Saturday but some clouds came in and rained on his excitement. So when the rain stopped we took a walk up a hill to a small cemetary and walked and looked at the old stones up there. There was a lady that had about 12 children that all died at birth or only lived a few days, the oldest was about a month old. Makes you wonder what happened! I know i would have given up long ago. I saw a stone that i know if anyone buries me better get! It was heart shaped!

After our walk and playing with the animals Barb cooked up some ribs from her freshly slaughtered hog. They were pretty good, Frank was going crazy over them. Barb had some errands to run and when we got back we made smores on the deck in back of her house. Yummy Yummy,

Saturday night we slept in her camper in her drive way. It got really cold outside! I love the cold, but could have used one more But at least we had more sleep than the night before.

Sunday morning i was woke up to my friend jumping around in the camper saying it's time to go canoeing! Mind you that i have never been on a canoeing trip in my life. But for Frank, and Barb's sake i was willing to try. We drove about 45 minutes to travel down Rifle River. You pay for your canoe and they drive you 26 mile down the road and drop you off and you have to canoe back to where you paid for the canoe.

Yep, my fat butt paddle 26 miles of river. Let me tell you that the first hour and a half i was ready to shove a paddle up Frank's butt! He can't steer a canoe if his life depended on it. We kept getting stuck in rocks and hitting everything that was in the river. At one point we actually hit a rock head on and i ended up pushing the sides of my knees so hard into the canoe that they are very badly bruised! After about a hour and a half that's when we flipped our canoe. That's when i decided enough is enough and i tried to steer. Guess what! Things went a whole lot better, the next 5 hours was beautiful, proving yet again that my husband can't
I can tell you tho that my body feels every bit of pain from my knees and feet to my shoulders from paddling.

All and all i went from saying "I will never do this again in my life" to "I will do it again as long as i steer and have the proper shoes". My feet were taking a beating from the rocks in the river. Also i will need a hat! The top of my head is on fire! I put sun screen all over my face so that i would not look like a radish when i was done. OH MY GOD tho, you should see Frank's legs! They have never seen the light of day, (he rarely wears shorts, only to swim in) he is fried! I've had to hear him whine about his legs for a few days now. Poor guy, next time he will put sun screen on

It was fun like i said after i took over. Totally out of character for me, and a great new adventure...At least i know i can do it.
So after our great trip we went back to the house to check on the kids, and decided that the grown ups would go out to dinner. We went to a very country looking place called "Gee's", there was stuffed dead animals everywhere. But they served some very nice food. The men shared a special pizza and i tried a chicken sandwich. After dinner it was really late, and ended up packing up and leaving for home around 8:30 pm. We had to stop real quick and pick up the kids something to eat and off we went on the way home.

As soon as we got close to home i had to stop for some gas and ended up in traffic again because apparently Troy was just letting out after finishing their fireworks. So after we arrived home around midnight, i unpacked, cleaned up the mess in the car, changed the turtle filter, got a load of clothes in the washing machine, i finally passed out around 2:30 in the morning.

When i woke up i was in so much pain that i could barely walk. My knees, my shoulders, everything hurt! I managed not to baby the pain and finished laundry and cleaned up my house and cooked dinner, then going to work.

Well that was my trip in a nutshell.
I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July. Mine was great, I finally got to sleep in and then my neighbor invited us for a barbeque. Any day i don't have to cook is great!
Take care

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Anonymous said...

Well, my goodness, ya gotta build up to that much exercise. Paddle a canoe without a hat--I'll call you crazy and I'd be right!

It does sound like a fun time, even if it was crowded together and ended too soon.

I remember one time getting stuck in traffic in Columbus, Ohio after the fireworks program. An hour and fifteen minutes to go 12 miles.
Better planning for the next time, let me tell ya.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
aka MrsDoF