Tuesday, June 26, 2007


My son has been asking me to bring him to the mall every week to get the next addition of the Shaman King books that he is reading. With his allowance and money that he makes working with his grandpa he has almost all of them. I'm glad that he has an interest in any kind of reading during the summer vacation.

My daughter visits the "cool" Hot Topics store at the mall. She saw a pair of pants with all the zippers and chains and many pockets, that she just had to have them! Better yet they were on sale. She had to earn the money for them! Grandpa gave her the money to get them now but she owes jobs to work off the money. She already started by cleaning grandma's and grandpa's cars and what ever else they wanted done. She still owes him a few more jobs but she is in her glory that she got some really cool pants.

Since school let out my dauhter has virtually had someone at our house spending the night or she has spent the night away from home. I like most of her friends, they are pretty quiet, nice, polite. Amber tho has been in quite of bit of trouble with the phone, typical teenage crap. I was not expecting that yet.

My son is just content with going outside with the boys and playing on his scooter or "razor". He never asks anyone to spend the night or he never asks to stay with others, which is nice because Amber does it enough for the both of them.

Today was a really hot day! My house is really nice with the central air but when i went to work today I found out that all of our air conditioning was broken! HOT!
I was miserable the whole night! Made worse with customers asking a dumb question. "Your air conditioner not working?" DUH! Sometimes we said "NO, we like it like this!" or we would say "We watched Inconvenient Truth and We are doing our part for global warming" if it was just a few customers asking it would not have made me so mad. But it was every single customer that had to say something about it! Our store manager was awesome tho....She went and bought bottled water and gatorade for us to drink for free.

I have decided that I am going to visit my friend up North in Lupton. It will merely cost me gas money for this trip. The kids will have fun playing with the animals. Barb had gotten several new additions to her zoo since the last time we were there. The kids are dying to see the horses! They will have fun feeding those in the morning! Hopefully it won't rain the whole trip this time. It put a damper on our fun the last time we went there. I really miss her.
Well I'm getting tired.


Team Gherkin said...

Wow... there's no such thing as "restful summer break' for you, by the sounds of it! Enjoy it tho... sounds like you are :) Yay! \o/
Enjoy those horses. Let us know how it went, when you can.
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Our Chicago paper this morning has a list of places to go and return on just one tank of gas. Trying to get the tourist business to kick in, it would seem.
Last time I filled up the car, 3 weeks ago, it was $27.60. I'll have to fill up next time I'm out with it. It's very difficult to fill the car when I'm on my bicycle so much of the time.
Horses would be worth going to see. I'll bet your younguns will have a great time, and being around friends is a necessity of living.

Have Fun! and know that the Lord provides for his believers.

~~love and Huggs, Diane aka MrsDoF