Sunday, August 19, 2007


He is so excited to finally be a teenager! We had a very small birthday party. Most of the people that we would invite are on vacations.
We did some shopping, took him out bowling and enjoyed some delicious birthday cake.
The boy is towering over all of us! Mind you he stood on his toes just too make that a little more noticeable.
I don't know why i did not smile for this pic, maybe tired from the whole day of doing this, that and the other thing.
Don't we look like an odd
In other news......On Thursday I got an offer on the hospital job! Yep, i do have the job depending if i pass my physical on Tuesday. I'm praying, and the church that i have started recently are praying that all goes well with my physical and nothing stops me from getting to keep this job. The money they offered me is more that i had anticipated and I am praying that all will go well and see a future in working in a well established hospital. (if you got a minute, can you say a prayer that all will be well )
Since Amber had decided to start going to church, I had to go and get her some dresses. Amber has really never shown an interest in wearing dresses, so i never got her any, ok...maybe one or two in hopes that she would dress up every now and then, but they just occupied space in her closet. So i took her to the Salvation Army and found her 3 perfect dresses. I absolutely love one of looks fantastic on her, i got them for a real bargain....i paid $2.50 for one and $1.00 for another and one cost me $5.00. On my budget it's the best i could do. And only her and i know how much i saved :).
Well people...I'm getting tired....
I will let you know if i passed my physical :)

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Team Gherkin said...

Happy Birthday, darin! My eldesy celebrated his 14th just 2 weeks ago as well! They're growing up so fast, aren't they?!?
Fingers crossed for your physical today for the hospital job! Let us know how it pans out - please!
Mal :)