Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have been so busy with working that i don't know what day it is sometimes.

Frank is doing great! He needs to be working! He visited the neurologists today and he pretty much told Frank that he did not see any reason for him not to go back to work if he thinks he can do the work. He want's him to go for a few more tests and is going to suggest to our family doctor to put him on a different medication specially made for stroke victims.

So if everything goes the way we want Frank may be at work on the 11th! (insert lots of prayers here). Thank God for income tax money and the little bit we had stashed aside. Hopefully he will get back to work and all will be right in the world. Also i am hoping that he won't have any further problems.

Oh my god I was so sick this past week! I had the worst cold ever! And had to suck it up and work! Would you believe that my job made me sign a document that i would not come to work I swallowed dayquil ritually to make sure that they did not know that i was sick as a dog. I love the stuff! Worked like a charm! The only time i ever call in to work is if i am vomiting or i hurt my back so much that i can't walk.

Guess who has it!
He tried so hard to stay away from me. But the icky germs got him anyways...

Amber had her first tournament on Wednesday and it turns out she did not get to wrestle. According to school rules or whatever....she can only fight a 6th grader and has to be in her weight class. So we may go to all the tournaments and she may never hit the matt....
It was a real bummer to find that out. But i have to admit it was fun to watch the kids wrestle. The little ones really put up a great fight.
If you want to see some cute pics of my daughter at the practice game getting pinned you need to take a look at my mom's blog.

Well...I have to get up early for work. Later all


Team Gherkin said...

Glad Frank seems to be back on his feet. That's awesome news!

Sorry you've been feeling so unwell this week... it seems to be going around, unfortunately :(

That's strange about the weight/age rules with Amber's wrestling? Hope she actually gets to compete at some stage.

Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Hay Caroline - I am so glad to hear that Frank is doing better. He needs to get back to work as soon as possible to help him recover from this stroke. Getting back to things you used to do as soon as you can is an important step in not loosing function after a stroke. Good for him!!

Always nice to have that safety buffer in the bank. We keep 6 months of salary in savings just in case things go bad.

This flu is killer hon, you got to be careful. I have had it on and off for the last week and a half. At least here, it is so devastating, that it made the front page of the paper as one of the worst flu epidemics in recent history. I worked through it as well, had a solid week out on the road with the crud. I secretly hope I spread it to my co-workers down south - they are too cherry sometimes. *grin*

Good to hear from you again. Stay in touch and keep that daughter wrestling, the boys will be scared of her and leave her alone!~ LOL.