Sunday, March 02, 2008


Has it been that long? Couldn't be! I have been a High School Graduate for 20 years! For some reason last night i decided to check out and found out my graduating year is trying to put together a great class reunion. I am seriously thinking of going! It's going to be a bit expensive but there are a few people i would love to see again.

I just hate the thought of going and just sitting at a table and not recognize a single person or have anything to say to anyone. I wish i knew if anyone that i used to hang with will be going. I'm really wishing for a couple of my old buds would go!

School for me was not horrible, i just was not grouped with anyone. You know the "jocks" "nerds" "preppies" " stoners", i was just me, and i was always the one that you could talk to, get advice. I had friends with all of the groups.

Has anyone gone to their high school reunions? Did you find it exciting? Or did you just end up sitting at a table not knowing anyone or bored out of your minds?


Team Gherkin said...

20 years goes by so dang quickly, doesn't it? I left in 1982... 26 years for us!! Good golly!!!

we had a mini-reunion about 5-ish years ago, at a friends' house. Some of us hadn't seen each other in about 10 years, and it was good because it was the same group of about 10-or-so people who used to hang out together at school. So that was really positive.

We just all looked so OLD! hahahahaa.

Only one of the gang was "MIA"... he's gone missing in Tibet somewhere... even his mum isn't quite sure where he is! He's not dead, he's just... he's gone walkabout, I guess!

My suggestion - do it! Go and catch up. You'll be surprised to see how life has taken some of your old classmates on their journey!


Mal :)

Diane said...

I attend my high school alumni association banquet every year. My mom and brother usually are there, too.
We all graduated the same school, just different years.
I love that our alumni committee is so organized, and we can see so many other folks from class years before and after and the teachers and retired principals, too.

My own class meets separately every 5 years.
I've gone to our 10 and 20 year reunions.
Other years I didn't go (usually because of vacation schedule for a job) but really wanted to.

Always, I keep in touch with several friends I've known since childhood and high school graduation, yet they are not the ones who make the trip for meetings!

I never thought I was a popular person through my school years.
I had my dear friends, and some other folks I remember from a certain situation, like the girl who always signed up with me to serve refreshments during home basketball games.
When I return for a reunion, I can usually get somebody talking about how their life might be going now.

And it's weird, but the ones I thought would "make it best" might be the one who has been divorced twice, or whose sister is dying of cancer.

We never can be sure what a new day will bring, and sometimes we rely heavily on dumb luck.

I say go to the reunion.

Consider it an opportunity for educational purposes.


ps your daughter is a beautiful girl and looks fine in her uniform

Shadowe said...

It will be 20 years for me as well, and I have no intention of going at all. I live in the town that I graduated from, and my daughter goes to the same schools, so for me, every school function seems like a reunion of sorts. I sit there, no one recognizes me, they also do not recognize the name for some odd reason either, and they just stare off into space.

I live an an extremely poor and rural area. There are more teeth in my mouth than the sum of the graduating class I am sure. I bathe regularly and have a job and live in a house, so I *must* be a rich snob you see... There is some pretty bad feelings there.

My 5 year reunion I was overseas with the Air Force. I got a message to call an old classmate, I called, they asked if I was going, I said no. They asked if they could print what I was doing. I said "Working for the US government in an undisclosed foreign country."

At 10 years, I was in the US, but working for Gateway computer corp in the Dakotas, and just had a baby. Didn't go to that one.

At 15 years they didn't even bother to contact me, they knew it would be something crazy...

At 20 years - I am living in the house I grew up in, now I own it. My daughter goes to the school I went to, everyone knows who I am in town, and I keep to myself. They keep to themselves as well. I have nothing in common with the people I graduated with. The smart ones are gone, the others are here, some here are ok, but most I just don't speak to.

I hope you have a good time. 20 years is a long made me feel old today. *ug*

Dak-Ind said...

im coming along right behind you (i have 3 years to go... graduating in 1991) my friends and i keep weirding out because my two best female friends have been with me since 6th grade, and then john came in freshman year (9th grade)... its amazing we all have been friends for over 20 years.

my husband makes me feel slightly bad , ok really old, i admit it, as when he graduated high school i had already been a mother for 7years! (he graduated in 1999... i was 25!)

the memories are mostly good from those high school years, the bad ones having faded long ago. i wouldnt do it again though :)