Sunday, March 30, 2008


The pictures that i thought i had lost from Amber's victory and banquet were found by my smart daughter...they weren't lost just simply in another area on the computer...Thank God...i thought i had lost these memories forever.

This is a pic of Amber and the other only girl wrestler on the team Sabrina.

Amber and one of the coaches that helps.

Coach "Mack" MacDonald and another team mate that seemed to have a problem with getting out of the way of a photo op!

Amber gots him where she wants him

Almost there

The ultimate PIN! Yay Amber!

About to shake hands...good fight!

gotta go shake the other coaches hands

I wanted to get a pic of the Ref raising her hand but he did it so quick i was not able to get it. Damn!
Anyhoo....Amber found my pics and she burned them onto a CD...geesh..I don't even know how to do that yet...i better get on the ball and let her teach

In other news I have been sooooooo sick since Easter...I had drank DayQuil like it was water up until Thursday and that's when i said enough is enough...all the signs of infection were there so i went to see my doctor. He was happy to see me since i have not seen him since October...oops...seems that since Frank was visiting regularly that i would not have been missed..wrong! Yeh, how about I was there and the first thing was asking about Frank and after all that...i was like "Me"..."I'm sick" "fix me now" lol....So he gives me the drugs that i need and tells me that i have to come in on Saturday the 5th for my annual Pap Smear..."Great!!"
And all the fixins of blood draws!

So I start taking the drugs on Thursday and on Friday my left ear was going deaf and the pain was so unbearable! It scared me...what does any normal person do? I called my
She suggested warm compresses which helped for a minute, then i put some antibiotic drops in my ears that Amber had left over from her last ear infection and then took the wicked great cough medicine the doctor gave me that knocks me out and fell asleep. When i woke up on Saturday all was was still sore to touch around the ear...but no unbearable pain.

This was some nasty sickness...coughed up more phlegm and gone thru so much toilet paper than anyone could ever go thru. Hopefully no one else will get this...i've tried to stay away from the kids and Frank but you never know were germs lurk.

I've got a new friend :) actually an old friend....I've known her since high school...but with the goings on of life and families and such we drifted and recently have been reunited. We recently got together to rehash old memories...and i am looking forward to making new memories.

Well all....I have some kids that are going back to school in the morning and I have my day off after a 12 day run of working. I have to get some much needed cleaning out of the way. No rest for the sick!
Oh...Watch out for the April fool's jokes on the 1st.


Dak-Ind said...

i lvoe the match pics! and i have the same issue... i lose something, i call the teenager, he's smart like that. now if i could stop listening to his music. my boy has great taste in music. somethings not right there!

i love new old friends, i have a few myself, and honestly, those are the best kind. im so glad to have Teresa back in my life, its awesome. good luck with the new memories.

Team Gherkin said...

Yeah yeah... my kids are the same when it comes to technology... they just have grown up with it all, whereas it's an ongoing learning affair for the rest of us 'oldies'! heh heh

Go Amber! I wouldn't like to be on the wrong side of her - she's wipe the floor with me, I'm sure of it!!!

Oh! That's great that you've reconnected with someone again!!! Go for it! A similar thing happened with me a few years ago - and it was a really nice experience for both of us.

Hope your whole ear and pain and general yuckiness gets better really quickly for you all too.

April Fools Day? When is that? I wouldn't know anything about that...? [points to his freshly-bald head] [giggles]

Mal :)