Friday, March 14, 2008


It's been rough! On Sunday will finish thirteen days of working straight, monday will be my day off then i work Tuesday have Wednesday off then I start another twelve day's of working. I hope Frank starts working on the 19th so I can say no every now and then.

Frank has seen every specialist that our doctor has sent him to and so far every doctor has told Frank that they don't see any reason as long as Frank thinks he can do it not to be working. So if God willing, Frank may be back to work on the 19th of the month.

Amber still has not been able to compete against anyone. She was asked if she wanted to wrestle one of her team mates in front of everyone and she told her coach no. She told me that she wants to wrestle someone not from her team. There are only 2 more tournaments left. I think she will be wrestling either Monday or Wednesday. Wednesday after their meet is their banquet. It's been really fun watching Amber's practices and meets, all the kids have done really well. I never thought i would get into as much as i have. You should see me...I'm all shouting things from the bleachers rooting the kids on.

I have been having some problems with one lady at work. Nothing i can't handle, but i don't know why she keeps trying to get me into trouble. It's not working because 1) they think i am a great employee :) and 2) I have witness's for the stuff that she is pulling. My manager says she is going to call a meeting to see if she can get things straight around here.

I got my haircut today...and I can say that this is the first haircut in awhile that i am not liking! She cut it tooooooo short! My usual lady was not there (called in sick) so I let another do it and well I learned my lesson...I just wanted it cut so bad because it was starting to bother me. Next time i will say another day won't

Anyhoo...that's the poop around here.
Hopefully by Monday or Wednesday i will posting pics of Amber winning or getting her ass

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Team Gherkin said...

That sounds like a LOOOONG working fortnight for you! Hope you're getting some good sleep in there too. I hope Frank and yourself are hanging together thru all this as well.

Woah! The best way to proceed with your work situation is to simply - tell the truth! The other partys' lies will find her out soon enough. hang in there. And yeah, glad you're gonna talk with your manager about it. he needs to nip stuff like that in the bud. You GO, girl!

At least your hair will grow back... there's always that. heh heh

And yeah... sounds like fun encouraging Amber from the sidelines! Hope she enjoys herself.

Mal :)